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Have a pretty solid dakine one - but exterior length ends up measure close to 7'6". I believe this is what they mark as a 7' bag. Located in LB if you're interested.

Open to offers - board is seriously like new!

5'11" x 19 3/4" x 2 1/2" swallowtail. $450 with Griffin's handfoiled G10 fins/$400 without.

Like new - ridden a handful of times. Selling because I generally like 5'9/5'10 for my normal boards - want to sell this one for a slightly shorter one. Still bright white/only minor pressure dents on deck. Will post photos later tonight. Feel free to post or PM with any questions.

Too big for me. But good deal and really good bindings - good luck!

Oh nice! First one is me  :) thank you SurfeRoss!

Sorry to piggyback thread - I have a free 4/3 Need Essentials MT in decent shape (no holes/tears etc) if anybody is interested. Send me a PM if so.

any leaks on the 6/5/4? I have a 4/3 and ss full that are good, stretchy suits - but I didn't think the seams held up very well on the 4/3. Pretty bad leaks in legs/crotch.

Same question on the G-buzz! Always interested in these but guessing they might surf a bit differently than most boards?

Zbay - A good 5/4 is more useful than a 4/3 IMO. Our best swells are often during/immediately after brutal storms. Xcel 5/4 infiniti is a great all around suit that is flexy, warm and not too $$. I like them better than drylocks (seem stretchier/lighter to me).

You can watch them "work" on Lincoln on the Surfline cam. It is incredibly depressing...

The komunity fins listed a few posts up should be the same thing?

This is for a foam board so I'm not too picky - but something on the larger side would be best (and cheap!)

Thanks. Located in LB, NY.

I also have a bunch of FCS twin tab fins for sale/trade if interested in that - rainbow fiberglass twins, curtis glass/g10 thruster set, stavron quad set and a few others.

Maybe not the most helpful - but I'm probably ordering another griffin in the near future (if you wanted to split shipping on a new one).

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