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Any recommendations for oxybenzone free sunscreens that work: By work I mean, stay on effectively for three hours
And don't cost a small fortune?

Thanks much.

Looking for general rider review on a Stretch superbuzz. Any drawbacks? Anyone still riding theirs? Passing fad or a functional design?
Thanks in advance!

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Got blanks?
« on: April 27, 2017, 01:16:14 PM »
Wanted: poly blank in the 6-6" range with a relaxed rocker.

Something like a 6-6" EA, 6-5" A, 6'5 R. 6-8 RP etc. 


For any other frugal, off season buyers of thick hooded wetsuits, there are deals to be had at in lots of sizes and better deals to be had at sierra trading post if you're a L or XL. 

1. Pair of stands: welded steel in concrete bases (topped with lots of resin).  Also included two forceflex sanding pads as shown, grab bag of abrasives, sanding blocks, and whatever fiberglass is left on the roll shown: $100

I also have a medium sized industrial exhaust fan with louvers for $100

2. Home made 7'2" single fin.  21.5 wide 2-3/4 thick. Durable epoxy glass job with a deck patch.  One minor rail dent from travel, no other dings. $150

3. Arbor fish longboard in good condition $60

Wondering if anyone could recommend a place to rent kayaks on the bayside.  Preferably close to the city. 
Sit-on-top is fine. This would just be for fair weather fishing.   

Thanks much!


Ankle to knee high

Freshly on curb this morning at 268 15th st in Brooklyn

Quicksilver on broadway is closing and there are a dozen or so women's hooded 5-4's for sale. Don't know about sizes. 

Also some board bags including longboard travel bags

zero boards or mens wetsuits. Some rash guards if you're an xxl. The place looks pretty picked though. I think they are even selling their fixtures if any of you own a shop. 

6-0, 21, 2-5/8

Hate to sell. This was my DD from this time last year up till the winter rubber went on. I liked this board so much I now also own a longer gunnier travel version. 

I need to sell because I also acquired a little kiddo and that has hampered my already weak game. I'll also say that post sale of this board I'm going straight back to Wayne for something similar +6" and another 1/8 thickness. 

Build was spare no expense- super bright US foam eps, applecore stringer, epoxy 6oz bottom 6+6 top w/4oz deck patch. Condition is 9.5/10. I haven't scraped the wax yet but if there are any pressure dents they are probably barely noticeable.

Price includes fins, as you can only replace twinzer futures with twinzer futures.   

Shaper's Shack: Surfboard Repair, Restoration and Shaping Tips / want
« on: October 09, 2014, 09:30:09 AM »
If powder days weren't as rare as head high days this looks like it would be ridiculously fun:

Mangos, coconuts etc.  Often flowers. 


This one has been up a few times.  So many unanswered questions....

I've really wanted a wide swallow tail- and I've narrowed it down to two boards.  And I'm wondering about peoples past experienced with either shape:
1. Griffin 5 fin fish (not the modish)
2. Larry Mabile twinzer.   

Also open to other recommendations with a few conditions:  Hand shaped epoxy only, and I'm usually surfing backside so no twin keels. 
I know a good surfer can kill it backside on a keel fish- but I'm not a good surfer. 
Also nothing costing $1000+ off the rack. 
Thanks much!

I'm the habitual type and pretty much never go anywhere but Hunter any more.  A friend of mine wants to go snowboarding for the first time and I was wondering about some of the eastern penn mountains.  I figure since he'll just be falling down the mountain all day I might want to shave off some drive time. 
Any recommendations?
This would be a mid-week thing if that matters. 

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