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So - I'm looking to delve into the world of a twin fin. Something on the classic side, shorter and full of speed. I'd consider myself proficient on your standard thruster. I'd like to support a local guy so some opinions on the local shapers and their take on a classic fish would be much appreciated! Glass on fins, that sorta deal. Anyone and every shaper from NY to NJ! I saw a really sweet josh hall twin keel but at 1300$ it's a bit outta the price range...

Also any other tips you can throw out my way would be cool, typically my shortboards are around 5'10 30ish liters, I'm a short 5'5 and have always heard ride a fish shorter than you! Sizing, rocker profiles, anything! Thanks!

Anyone have any info on this? Has it started yet? Where are they gonna be putting the sand!?

Anyone looking to part ways with one of these? Think it would be a good fit for my noserider. Let me know!

WTB a sock or board bag in the 62 to 66 range. Local to Babylon would be ideal but I can travel around the island. Not looking for anything fancy or to spend a whole lot of money. 20ish for a sock or 30ish for a bag. Lemme know if your looking to get rid of anything!

Looking to sell or trade a good condition sasquash, shaped under Dan O'Hara's Jade 8 label. Fun fast board great for all around days and travel. Water tight, no dings, no repairs, with fins.

5'10" x 20.00" x 2.38" (30.0L)
For a trade looking for something in the 34L range either grovely or fishy. Will add cash for the right trade.

Was out in central LI this evening, saw lots of mid sized red jellys. I thought they only came out in the warmer water, I guess they were pushed up from the south?

Got some shots in Central LI, some gems hidden out there. Don't know any of the surfers, pass them along if you recognize them!

For sale is a handshaped 7'4" Malwitz single fin pintail surfboard. Beautiful board in mint condition. Minimal if any pressure dents, no repairs. Simple clean board with a grey overlay on the bottom 2/3. Board glides effortlessly and is super fast on our punchy waves. Perfect board for the winter when wearing a lot of rubber in the bigger noreasters or during hurricane season when you want a little more board under your feet. Will also take off nicely on smaller waves, plenty of float and glide available.
[/size]575 with fin.[/color]

Looking to pick up essentially a shrunk down longboard in this range. Something round and eggy, maybe with the ability to throw a cheater 5, if I can ever get that good. I have a 9' 6" log already. I'm just looking for an every day board I can keep in my car.

Would like to keep it around 350 but I'm open to all offers. Central LI.

Howdy. Looking to either sell or trade my Lost Puddle jumper for a different groveler(or perhaps a fish or other small wave board) in the 33-35L range. Board is in excellent shape, no dings. Looking for 400 or an even trade of a board in similar condition. Located in central Long Island- will travel a bit.

high res image upload

Looking to buy a quad (or 5 fin) set of futures for a Lost Puddle Jumper. Local to central LI either today or tomorrow.

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