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I think Vissla is doing a similar thing right now, donate a suit and get 30$ toward a new one.

Sounds like a cool shaper!

Get both.

If that's not an option, I just picked up my first fish, twin fin. My logic was to keep it classic at first and take it from there. Machado's go fish is usually a twin too. And we all know if you get one of his boards you'll rip like him.

Yeah itís going to be flat for the next two months, sorry everybody...

Wound up getting a fish shaped by Bob Pitagno/exotic surfboards! He was awesome to work with and design the board. Had a ton of different templates. Settled on a Mike tabling template he had and drew the tail in a bit ala a Machado go fish. Glass on wood keels and a bitchen purple color! He says to hit him up if youíre in the market, fishes are one of his favorites to make!

Now to see how it goes!!

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« on: January 23, 2019, 08:44:05 AM »
Having a retro fish made by Exotic right now, yewww!

Great morning out there today. Hope that this sand sticks!

Anyone have any knowledge on the jersey guys too? Mencel, DaveySky??

So - I'm looking to delve into the world of a twin fin. Something on the classic side, shorter and full of speed. I'd consider myself proficient on your standard thruster. I'd like to support a local guy so some opinions on the local shapers and their take on a classic fish would be much appreciated! Glass on fins, that sorta deal. Anyone and every shaper from NY to NJ! I saw a really sweet josh hall twin keel but at 1300$ it's a bit outta the price range...

Also any other tips you can throw out my way would be cool, typically my shortboards are around 5'10 30ish liters, I'm a short 5'5 and have always heard ride a fish shorter than you! Sizing, rocker profiles, anything! Thanks!

Anyone have any info on this? Has it started yet? Where are they gonna be putting the sand!?

150 this weekend only!

175 - wax is still included!

$180 and a bar of wax!

200 with fins, someone come take this! Wife says it's gotta go!

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