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Wound up getting a fish shaped by Bob Pitagno/exotic surfboards! He was awesome to work with and design the board. Had a ton of different templates. Settled on a Mike tabling template he had and drew the tail in a bit ala a Machado go fish. Glass on wood keels and a bitchen purple color! He says to hit him up if you’re in the market, fishes are one of his favorites to make!

Now to see how it goes!!

So - I'm looking to delve into the world of a twin fin. Something on the classic side, shorter and full of speed. I'd consider myself proficient on your standard thruster. I'd like to support a local guy so some opinions on the local shapers and their take on a classic fish would be much appreciated! Glass on fins, that sorta deal. Anyone and every shaper from NY to NJ! I saw a really sweet josh hall twin keel but at 1300$ it's a bit outta the price range...

Also any other tips you can throw out my way would be cool, typically my shortboards are around 5'10 30ish liters, I'm a short 5'5 and have always heard ride a fish shorter than you! Sizing, rocker profiles, anything! Thanks!

Anyone have any info on this? Has it started yet? Where are they gonna be putting the sand!?

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