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"We are living in a material world and I am a material girl". 

I thought thrusters were the new retro board?

I'm going to post photos of it when I get it for all who probably won't get too close of a look of it. I'm going to post the modified rasta keel I make too so we can fully examine the pros and cons. Although I'm doubting there will be many cons

Uncle isn't going to "buy" it. I'll "buy" it and Uncle can "use" it whenever he wants and I'll even let him "store" it at your house.  ;) ;) ;D heheh

I just ordered a Mick Mackie twin pin flex tail with rasta keels. I'm glad to hear your stoked on them. I'm beyond ready to fully assess them in some good surf. I've also got another set on the way that I'm going to modify with some horizontal cuts I'm going to put in them with a hacksaw. Making it more like a "swimming" fin. Definitely more lively. I'll be sure to report back.

That could work for something else I have in mind too....If your looking to get rid of that too I'll take it off your hands.

If you have one kicking around that you wouldn't mind me cutting down and re-shaping let me know its going towards a totally awesome craft.

I was wondering if anyone has an old longboard snapped or whole that they might be willing to donate to me?? I'm going to cut it down and reshape it however it needs to be rather flat and thick. I basically need a thick enough piece of Poly foam to make a very small board. Please just send photos of anything that you have. Anything will be appreciated. Your donation will be going to a totally radical project. The mission of this project is to stoke people out and hopefully open some minds to try some new wave ridding vehicles. I don't want to release what I'm going to make until its done so please don't ask. Its going to be a cool surprise to everyone. The donor will be privy to more information. Sorry for being vague and mysterious but thats the name of the game.....hehehe

Thank you everyone! and have a very happy holiday.



PS: If anyone has seen me in the water lately you might be keen as to what I have planned....

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« on: November 23, 2008, 12:49:52 PM »



fact is weather or not the secret is even out the montauk locals probaly deserve more respect then anyone else on the island, they surf the biggest waves and heaviest waves, brave colder winters then us and are a tight knit community that have each others backs probaly  more then any other part of the island as well. that means dont bring a camera out and do a documentary on a day trip, ESPECIALLY if hte montauk locals dont approve

I agree entirely

supreme that's just the point--see my post to talmai--the secret isn't out; believe you me there are plenty of spots people don't know and don't surf.  i surfed with two friends on the hanna labor day swell this year.  great waves the entire day by ourselves.  that's over?  the logical conclusion is don't put spots that are off the map into videos for mass distribution on the internet.

your comment has everything to do with it!  you are directly condoning this video by saying montauk is over, so any blow-through wannabe toolbox who can't surf can make a video and post it up and hey, whatever, montauk's over, blow that sh!t up.

i will say though, i'm over this thread.  you either think that foolish ill considered projects like this are harmful to the culture (what little remains) of surfing or you don't.  over and out.
You surfed by yourself not because you were at a secret little spot but because the majority of surfers live too far from Montauk and don't want to travel that far to go there. Our current economical situation could play a role in that..I don't know really... However there are also plenty of very good spots that are closer than Montauk. Most of the time people don't leave waves when they are staring some right in the face. I myself am a prime example of that. You know what I mean? All I'm saying is that I don't think his video is going to do as much harm as you think and like I stated before I don't condone the video at all I completely disagree with it whether you think so or not. You and I are on the same side. And I agree with you this is over.

Much respect!

i said it before, i'll say it again, the 'it's over' bs is just an easy way to dismiss almost anything; in this case a complete lack of respect for the area, its breaks and its resident surfers.

how do you judge what's over, anyway?  i still surf empty perfect waves with my friends at all the known spots and not on an infrequent basis.  i'm happy to squire visitors around too and share the wealth as long as they're good folk.

maybe we should all stop surfing because surfing as a whole is over?  or shapers should stop shaping because with surftech and imports shaping is over?

nothing is over until you give up on it.

fmboros: great words man.  you say it better than i can.  thank you.
Your missing the point. I said "its over" meaning the secret has been out. Its old news. My comment had nothing to do with Montauk as a quality break, the people who live there and the rich culture of surfing. Like I said in my PM to you I didn't want to discuss this any further because things just get out of hand on these forums and people get lost in type. This being a prime example.

ouch .... i have officially abandoned 70's style wetsuits until next summer when longboarding .... i am a born again shredder thank you very much and I use the term very loosely ... I am glad to see some of you have a sense of your humor
You know I got love for ya big guy! I'll keep you posted on the new shred sticks.

Oh and BTW I just ordered a nice thruster blanks I'm going to start by making myself a couple. I'll keep you posted.

PS: Personally I think Montauk has been over for 30 yrs but for whatever reason anyone thinks otherwise please stop stating it in the forum because your as guilty as Jake for making a video about it.

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