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These are single foil. I normally double foil the back fins on my quads but I was following the template of the Lokbox fins that are on Blueberry's Mandala. There is about 7 more photos that i sent Blueberry. I guess he'll post the rest later. Does anyone know how to compress the photo files to be able to use them in the forums. I can't ever get them small enough. I have photoshop....can anyone give me some advice?

I would shape the sickest rounded pin with glass on quad fins. It would probably be like 6'7" x 20.25 x 2 . The deck would be glassed  6oz x 4oz and the bottom would be one layer of 6oz.

Arent you the guy doing some of the repairs for Baorders??

Thanks for the help guys...seriously good information...These forums are always full of clowns.

Does anyone know of any good rights near, in or around rockaway? Most of the waves in Rockaway are lefts but I like going front side once in a while so I need a good right. Help

Hey whats going on man I also do repairs for boarders. I was talking to Christian about you. He couldn't speak enough about you. I guess I'm your back up guy. I hope to meet you one of these days. I also do the repair for Rockaway Beach Surf Shop.

Is it an EPS board? Eps turns yellow when over exposed to the sun.

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