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What may be more interesting and worth considering {mentioned in that article} is the use of quads on good surf. Not grovelling or giant surf, but regular good waves. For here I'd say shoulder to a bit overhead, clean and hollow. I REALLY would like to see how one works in that. And I'm not talking about one made for grovelling. One that was made for that purpose. If that works then you have potential for a real explosion. When Kelly or other pros ride them in contests, and win, then we'll see something. Kurt has offered me the use of his and next decent day we have I'm gonna try it {if he isn't on it}.    I have your quad for clean hollow waves. If you want to test it PM me.

hehe sorry broseph. You will get a bat-tail soon.

I just made this board the other day. I haven't gotten the chance to glass it yet and someone bought it.  (Pics are coming soon)

Whats going on man?? How are ya?

I want BB's Quad!!
I had one like his but it was stolen. I was a mustard color. Resin opaque. It was my favorite board. Thats why BB let me borrow that I can template it and make myself a new one. I can't afford another Mandala right now.

I would rather make a quad than a thruster...Quads can be cruisy and manuverable. You really have the best of both worlds. I think quads are for the cool guys with old souls. Boards with quad fins everyone always looks at twice. When people see thrusters their just like "Whatever". This is coming from a guy with about 6 thrusters.

I made a board like this with future boxes. I acctualy made one with six boxes but 2 of them were the future c5 boxes they weigh next to nothing.

Which one of you is Joe?
Cause who ever is Joe did some kick ass fine work on Justin PI Semi gun.
Clean tight smooth strong
I'm Joe...Thanks bro...Is this Scott from 87th?

OHHHHH Sorry Bro I mistook your post for sarcasm. Technically you should use fin rope on the leading edge but usually I don't. Guys who are really good don't use fin rope at all. I just like the way it looks sometimes. The true mark of a pro is no glass on the leading edge. Like John Cherry of he is the best of the best in my opinion.

We is Steve and Christian
Whats up guys? Its Joe..I'm headed over to see Duke right now at the Lobster Bar..Thanks again for that one guys!

ohhhhhhh....Thanks Poppa

I'll give you some pointers if you need...What kind of skills in particular are you looking to improve on in respect to ding work?

FYI - nobody is doing repairs FOR Boarders.  Waves Be Gone works out of the bung behind the shop and we have another ding repair guy who leaves his card for referrals.  We will however make ourselves available to others if drop-off/pick-up works better for anyone..
FYI I'M JOE DOING REPAIRS FOR BOARDERS!!!! Well I guess not FOR boarders but they help me out. I'm the guy that leaves the say "we have another ding guy" who is "WE" is this Christian or Steve? or Dave?

Holy cow!! Two pictures and I learned some Magical secret!! Put the fin rope on the leading edge to get that Fat glass edge!! OF COURSE!!!!!

   Serioulsy one of those things I have pondered silently for so long...
Whats the deal colo..?? Got something against four fins...?

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