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Hey all,

I'm looking for a freebie here for the sake of development and experimentation.... I don't want to reveal what it is I'm working on right now but I need a slightly beat up mid length board with a nice amount of rocker in the nose. I intend on doing some irreversible stuff to the board. With that being said the donator needs to be ok with that. This is a total frankenstein project, except the board is going to work (really good) in the end…Ha!

 The board I'm looking for needs to be on the wider side of the spectrum. I can't use a 7' semi gun. Narrow thrusters won't work, period. Anyone have something like this collecting dust? Maybe a beater you left outside for a few years….Think of this as an opportunity to be involved in something really fun. :-)

Hey guys! Been a while since I've been on this forum. I'm returning to seek some help. My buddy and extremely talented glasser, by the name of Brandon Winn, owns a glassing and shaping facility in Jackson NJ called "Undertoe". He's spent the better part of 2 years (and a sh*t ton of money on the build out.) training employees to glass and sand boards, well. Some of his employees are moving on to start their own surf labels and Brandon simply can't keep up with the demand without a full staff. If anyone is looking for paid labor, glassing and sanding boards, and/or share the space/rent, please contact Brandon immediately. I'd hate to see Undertoe Glassing dissapear. Its one of the few places on the east coast that you can actually get a quality glass job. If your interested in keeping the dream alive contact Brandon right now because the window is almost closed.

If anyone out there is reading this and thinking of a friend who might be interested in any of this, please, DO NOT hesitate to contact Brandon Winn right away. [email protected]


Joseph W Falcone
Pilgrim Surf + Supply

I'm selling my lightly used patagonia R4 full suit. I've worn it about 5-10 times. Never urinated in the suit...Ever. I never do...These suits are amazing...The best suit I ever owned. However I bought it without trying on the size above or below it and as it turns out its just a hair too big for me. $400 is a steal for this suit and it won't last long so grab it now before someone else does...These suits are an amazing investment.

.....8pm at Mollusk/Secret Project Robot part 2 of Andrew Kidman's ETHER with recent NY/NJ work, visual projections, live music from AK, HK, PH and others. Cupped beverage service, rumoured Bus BBQ appearance and warm vinyl vibes courtesy of Dubstar and Matchy.

Does anyone have any soft top board that they are looking to get rid of for cheap? or just have no use for? I using it conduct an aquatic experiment and I'm willing to compensate you for it. feel like donating it for the benefit of surfy fun.

Anyhow if you do let me know what kind of board it is and who makes it...The material of the board is crucial.

I felt like giving this board its own review page due to its complexities. Here are the two photos of it.                     ...

I was wondering if anyone has an old longboard snapped or whole that they might be willing to donate to me?? I'm going to cut it down and reshape it however it needs to be rather flat and thick. I basically need a thick enough piece of Poly foam to make a very small board. Please just send photos of anything that you have. Anything will be appreciated. Your donation will be going to a totally radical project. The mission of this project is to stoke people out and hopefully open some minds to try some new wave ridding vehicles. I don't want to release what I'm going to make until its done so please don't ask. Its going to be a cool surprise to everyone. The donor will be privy to more information. Sorry for being vague and mysterious but thats the name of the game.....hehehe

Thank you everyone! and have a very happy holiday.



PS: If anyone has seen me in the water lately you might be keen as to what I have planned....

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Finline GB
« on: October 31, 2008, 01:09:45 AM »
This board is in near mint condition. I've ridden it a handful of times but I'm light on my feet and hardly ever ding boards. I'm thinning out my quiver and since you need to pretty much ride this bad boy frontside and I'm regular footed it doesn't work out too well. Unlike most GB's though this guy has an option for quad fins. It was an experimental design the Brian made for me and it worked out well. I just never get the chance to ride it being as though I live in the land of lefts. This is a good look for a goofy footer. $500 price is firm. Comes with a set of side bites and an L-Flex.

I need a mid length board for a buddy of mine. Funboard if you will (please don't though, all boards are fun). He is just getting into surfing. He can't carry a long board back and forth on the train so I need to find him a mind length board that is easily manageable for that trip. Single fin eggs would be preferable but all boards will be considered. He can't spend over 600 so be mindful.

PS: No big guy tri's.



Shaper's Shack: Surfboard Repair, Restoration and Shaping Tips / Paipo
« on: March 10, 2008, 09:47:13 PM »
Too much to type so for the sake of you and I both just click and go to my blog.

Peace and Love

I'm putting together a small order for some more US blanks. Just one box. The box can only fit 4 blanks one of them being mine leaving room to fit three more. Anyone interested?? I need three more people. First three peeps that put down money are in. PM me if your interested.

My favorite thing to eat after a long surf session is a nice chicken roll. R0ckawaybum aka Chris the "knucklehead" Caiazzo and I consider ourselves chicken roll connoisseurs. I've eaten chicken rolls all over the 5 boroughs and coincidentally one of my top 5 places to get a chicken roll is located right on r0ckaway. Elegante pizzeria on 92nd is the home of one of the best, if not "THE" best chicken rolls I've ever had. Have you had a really good chicken roll that you think is worth mentioning? Please post your best chicken roll expriences.

PS: If you go to Elegante and you want to give it a shot make sure you get some marinara sauce to dip the roll in.

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