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Ok I'm done for now….I don't mean to stir the brown trout SeaCliff, but that needed to be said.

No worries. Seems Mark has no shortage of people willing to stand up for his work, including people as talented as you, my friend.

Great seeing you at the show last night - glad to see you're doing well! That was a sick shape you were showing off to Mr. TC! Can I entice you to stick around long enough to post some images of it and tell the story of the inspiration behind the shape?  ;D ;D ;D

Sure thing but Andrew tells the story best. I'll make a dedicated post to the board in a few days. How can I upload images directly without having to provide an HTTP address?

Post pics in this thread for me to see or email them straight over to

[email protected]

Hey all,

I'm looking for a freebie here for the sake of development and experimentation.... I don't want to reveal what it is I'm working on right now but I need a slightly beat up mid length board with a nice amount of rocker in the nose. I intend on doing some irreversible stuff to the board. With that being said the donator needs to be ok with that. This is a total frankenstein project, except the board is going to work (really good) in the end…Ha!

 The board I'm looking for needs to be on the wider side of the spectrum. I can't use a 7' semi gun. Narrow thrusters won't work, period. Anyone have something like this collecting dust? Maybe a beater you left outside for a few years….Think of this as an opportunity to be involved in something really fun. :-)

Ok I'm done for now….I don't mean to stir the brown trout SeaCliff, but that needed to be said.

This post reminds me why I don't come on here anymore. Hey Potrillo, you sound like the worst customer ever actually. I think Mark was being nice! You should try making one for yourself next time. It'll humble you bit and might even enhance your relationship with the water. 2 things you seem to need more than extra boards in your quiver. I can continue, but I'm not. I've already got you figured out.

Mark is an extremely talented shaper and glasser. The fact that you took time out of your life to birrate such a legend, publicly is shameful. If you see me in the water head the other direction because I'm going to burn you, over and over and over again, like your not ever there. :-)

"Surfing in Rockaway" What a fresh topic to report on…Good thing they didn't pick a topic thats as worn out as octo moms vagina. I hope they write more articles before everyone quits surfing and takes up golf.

Hey guys! Been a while since I've been on this forum. I'm returning to seek some help. My buddy and extremely talented glasser, by the name of Brandon Winn, owns a glassing and shaping facility in Jackson NJ called "Undertoe". He's spent the better part of 2 years (and a sh*t ton of money on the build out.) training employees to glass and sand boards, well. Some of his employees are moving on to start their own surf labels and Brandon simply can't keep up with the demand without a full staff. If anyone is looking for paid labor, glassing and sanding boards, and/or share the space/rent, please contact Brandon immediately. I'd hate to see Undertoe Glassing dissapear. Its one of the few places on the east coast that you can actually get a quality glass job. If your interested in keeping the dream alive contact Brandon right now because the window is almost closed.

If anyone out there is reading this and thinking of a friend who might be interested in any of this, please, DO NOT hesitate to contact Brandon Winn right away. [email protected]


Joseph W Falcone
Pilgrim Surf + Supply

I'm selling my lightly used patagonia R4 full suit. I've worn it about 5-10 times. Never urinated in the suit...Ever. I never do...These suits are amazing...The best suit I ever owned. However I bought it without trying on the size above or below it and as it turns out its just a hair too big for me. $400 is a steal for this suit and it won't last long so grab it now before someone else does...These suits are an amazing investment.

.....8pm at Mollusk/Secret Project Robot part 2 of Andrew Kidman's ETHER with recent NY/NJ work, visual projections, live music from AK, HK, PH and others. Cupped beverage service, rumoured Bus BBQ appearance and warm vinyl vibes courtesy of Dubstar and Matchy.

Does anyone have any soft top board that they are looking to get rid of for cheap? or just have no use for? I using it conduct an aquatic experiment and I'm willing to compensate you for it. feel like donating it for the benefit of surfy fun.

Anyhow if you do let me know what kind of board it is and who makes it...The material of the board is crucial.

Little corners that small won't affect a turn negatively. It will only add a little pivot point. Thus giving it more bite. Having a rounder rail line in the tail like a thumb tail will soften the transition of the turn however with a tail as wide as this, a full on thumb doesn't translate all that well. The outline will start to look too much like a platter and become a little dicey through harder rail turns leaving you the possibility of a slide out if put on edge. This board is an odd one. Noah Budrow (Hawaiian shaper for Lost) invented the tail with the mind to make it a swallow tail but instead of cutting a swallow he added a rounded tail in between the swallow tail tips. It keeps a lot of planing surface in the tail that would have otherwise been lost to the cut of a swallow. A lot of that has to do with why the board can be ridden in smaller waves without compromise and larger sectioning waves without worry.

I hope that helps. Thanks for all the board love. I love how involved and stoked everyone is getting on this. Its positive reactions like this that inspire me even further. Thanks guys

Honestly dude. I think you should use a 7.5" or even 7" Wayne Rich Power fin and set it a bit further back than you'd usually set it. You don't want too much of a flex fin for a board like that. Its more of a short 70's single fin then a stubbie hull.

You can always ride a greenough 4A that usually works but a stiffer fin is the way to go on this one.

Feel it out see what you think. I have an 8" 4A you can try if you'd like. 

How is The J.Hall X Grey Ghost Collabo board treating you? Its going to Andy Kessler next.  :'(  I'm never going to get my board back! haha I hope you enjoyed it. Its honestly a magical board. There's something special in the board....

Frok has also become a new test pilot as he decided to put 5 fin boxes in the board for a thruster to quad conversion. He can now test the board as a thruster and we can properly compare his board the original Quevz board.

Yo frok, you and Juan Jose should surf together during a decent swell and trade boards back and forth a couple times through out the session. The subtleties of the boards will become evident through shred!

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