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This post reminds me why I don't come on here anymore. Hey Potrillo, you sound like the worst customer ever actually. I think Mark was being nice! You should try making one for yourself next time. It'll humble you bit and might even enhance your relationship with the water. 2 things you seem to need more than extra boards in your quiver. I can continue, but I'm not. I've already got you figured out.

Mark is an extremely talented shaper and glasser. The fact that you took time out of your life to birrate such a legend, publicly is shameful. If you see me in the water head the other direction because I'm going to burn you, over and over and over again, like your not ever there. :-)

"Surfing in Rockaway" What a fresh topic to report on…Good thing they didn't pick a topic thats as worn out as octo moms vagina. I hope they write more articles before everyone quits surfing and takes up golf.

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