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not surf or epic troll-related, but I think this dude's dad is Michael Winerip who is a badass, tenacious investigative reporter for the NYT.

stayed at  Ritmo Tropical with a non surfing wife and a 6 year old and it was fantastic. they can watch you surf from the pool!

Littoral drift is going tear out sand there down to the bags--which themselves will look ugly, and which will contain orange sand---fairly quickly, no?

a littorally insane plan.

400 AM HST MON DEC 8 2014


Surf along north facing shores will be 10 to 15 feet today, increasing to 15 to 20 feet tonight and 20 to 25 feet Tuesday.

no sleep for the trials contestants tonight!

are there always waves on Thanksgiving?
I feel like there are always waves on Thanksgiving.
anyway, that was pretty fun!

6'4" x 20" x 2 5/8"
3 fin OG shaped by Malcolm glassed at Moonlight. diamond tail.
some heels on deck, bottom is pristine.
1 rail ding, fixed by Petro with tint - have to know where it is to find it. 1 deck ding well-patched - see photo.
comes with TA 6 1/2" bonzer center and canvas boardbag.

she's a beaut. $500.

the otton/atkinson heat was high drama! what an amazing contest that was.

had the leash loop break yesterday surfing a jetty peak pretty far outside of rock beach. swam like crazy and caught the board 2 feet away from being dashed on rocks. paddled right back out same spot and sat and made a rigjob repair of the loop, hooked back up and then took off on the same peak right outside of the rocks. fell off. leash loop parted without even really tugging. repeat swim and last second rescue. got out, put board in car.

Here is two photos a friend took.. It emptied out quick once these freight trains started rolling in.

Edit: I don't know why they aren't working... I tried to take them from my email. How can I upload saved images from my comp?

i have had success using imgur - go to that site, upload your photos, then copy the "BB Code" link option on the right. then just paste that directly into your reply here - ignore all the attach options in the forum reply menu on nynj.

alumnus '87 daytona here (sophomore). thanks for the link - had a blast, the people in those pictures look older than i remember feeling at the time :o it was also bike week - those freaks blew us out of the water - we were being as bad as we could and we looked like bible camp in comparison.

i love michelob in a can - that's not me though.

this thread is crazy - someone actually listened, was reasonable sensible and polite... ???

wow - the "captain" tried to hold on, but when he goes flying it's like the hand of god bapped him - i couldn't stop rewinding that part, wtf is wrong with me? :o

Hey,   very interested in the suit if it is still available.  I am in Long Beach. Not sure where you are.  As long as it fits I would love to buy it.

you say you're in LB...but i suspect you're in the conservatory with a rope...

so good.
I'll add this, from Lord Byron:

  And I have loved thee, Ocean! and my joy
  Of youthful sports was on thy breast to be
  Borne, like thy bubbles, onward: from a boy
  I wantoned with thy breakers; they to me
  Were a delight; and if the freshening sea
  Made them a terror, ít was a pleasing fear,
  For I was as it were a child of thee,
  And trusted to thy billows far and near,
And laid my hand upon thy mane, as I do here.