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sorry if this is obvious - what's a zebra fin?

not surf or epic troll-related, but I think this dude's dad is Michael Winerip who is a badass, tenacious investigative reporter for the NYT.

oh jeez, I feel guilty just thinking about it. Starting in fall 2012 I was assigned to take care of a really important job for my firm - in Bay Head NJ. We wrapped up in winter 2014. There were several pretty good runs of surf in there if you'll recall, and I just couldn't help myself.
So for 2 whole years I skived and shucked, cutting job meetings short and ducking follow up calls - giving "I just left" phone de-briefings on the highway with salt water running out of my was really bad.
Looking back through a career lens I still feel awful but looking back through a surf lens there is a BIG basket of golden memories from those nj sessions.

So, I finally had a little time to run the numbers. It's incredibly time consuming because the buoys are often missing data, and to find the right variables, clean out overnight hours, roll it up, etc.

I just did NY. I considered "good" days anything 4'@8 or bigger on 44025 (since there was no 44065 before 2008), with at least side offshore wind, and a swell angle from basically east to south, and I compared 9/1/2015 - 5/31/2016 to 9/1/2004 - 5/31/2005, since some folks mentioned those years.
Good days Fall, Winter, Spring 2004/2005: 68
Good days Fall, Winter, Spring 2015/2016: 67

At some point I'd like to add NJ into it, and maybe slack wind windows. I want to compare last Fall, Winter, Spring to previous few years, but i'm seeing patches of bad data in the last couple years.

For what it's worth, either 2004/2005 was also an excellent period, or my excellent is subjective, and this year wasn't special. I need a lot more years to determine that.

stayed at  Ritmo Tropical with a non surfing wife and a 6 year old and it was fantastic. they can watch you surf from the pool!

Littoral drift is going tear out sand there down to the bags--which themselves will look ugly, and which will contain orange sand---fairly quickly, no?

a littorally insane plan.

just watched the replay of Medina vs. JJF. Medina's control on his wave to win the heat was insane. I just can't even understand how one could set up a tube that smoothly.

first you bend over and stick your bottom out like you have to poop. then plunge both hands into the wave like an old woman rummaging around in the cupboard for the last potato. then claim it like a soccer.

such a weird misunderstanding that is so prevelant - wonder who drew it wrong first and set the precedent?

if you logged out, then you missed owen smashing his board - he's on my team so i was pretty worried about that elbow...

the WSL is the most grumbled about entity i can think of besides the MTA.  i think both are serviceable and pretty fascinating, they just require a little patience.

fun stuff - though my fs team is getting gutted.
freddy's curb stomp on the rocks and glenn getting under mehdina's skin...

passions flaring in the knee-hi!

go wiggolly!

I'm wearing an Amp 5/4/3 this winter - so far it's light, flexy and warm. Can't report on durability yet.

i watched most of the morning until they called it and it really was pretty insane. I mean, it was awesome for the spectator, but I could see why they'd call it. Also, slater was really vocal about not wanting to surf in those conditions, and one has to think that when he starts publicly weighing in like that, it changes the dynamic.

I would say that perhaps more than getting the call right, the organizers need to be more nimble in turning it on/off. I know there's a lot of infrastructure needed to just turn it back on with the webcast and all, but lets be honest everyone is within earshot of the break anyway.

I also wonder if Kieren Perrow's role is more to be in the interest of the surfers on tour, or the sponsors running the event, or the ASP overall? I think (or guess) that most of pros, after seeing Jordy go down and the swell seemingly getting crazier, appreciated the call.

so i've since been informed that a lot of this footage is post 4 pm on the 13th, when the contest couldn't run anyhow. so i think your reasoning trumps the conspiracy theory i had going. anyhow this is some pretty memorable pipe!

maybe there should be some other contest for the guys in that video of pipeline then. the "pipe rulers" or the "pipe commanders" or something.

a contest for guys who wanna surf pipe when the wsl thinks it's too big.


not surfing heats in this?? hmmm....

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