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Oil's already above $70/barrel. poop.

Psycho - I think you should name your board bRide.

heheheheeeeee hack hack hack caH cough cough.

I'm going ...but I forgot where I am going.

Where's Pioneer bar, exactly?

Sorry to hear about your friend, McFloater.  That SUCKS.

I'm in serious need of sleep, so no TDR tonight.  We'll definitely be out this Friday, though.  I've missed 2 weeks of TDR and I think I'm going through withdrawl!

I've had 4 very small cups. I usually can't function properly/productively until after 2 cups. 

I am cer worried about Psycho.  He does NOT need coffee...EVER!

Little Nasty making data work for us!  Wow - That was so beautiful.  Thank you for applying your skills.

If you offer it, they will come.

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Re: dunk on a tuesday
« on: August 03, 2005, 02:42:13 PM »
I love how Thomas quotes me.

FIRST of all - what I said was that I hate getting stuck in Andy's NOSE hair, not back hair, silly.  I love Andy's back hair. 

SECOND of all - I don't know if our gay rugby-player roomate would want to move to the beach.  He likes Greenpoint :-\

THIRDLY - I don't need a dictionary to know that "thirdly" is a word and that I would kick Rob's a$$ at Scrabble.

Hmmmmm hmm ha ha ha!

was out for 2 hrs this am  had fun on the log... till i sliced my hand open with the fin...   

are you okay? I swear tim gets his stitches out then you get hurt

How frickin' sweet are you  ;D

I think we should make a surf-horror comedy film and submit it!

Who's in?

I am so proud of Psychy-poo.

I'm beaming.

The par-tay is on Friday - kook. ;D

Stop yer whinin Mr., Whose that in your Avatar?

"Somebody put somethin in my Drink!"

I absolutely LOVE Jack 101.1!
I have to admit, I sometimes miss the oldies, but only the J to the A to the C to the K can get my butt moving on that damn tredmill at 5:30 in the mornin'

I believe that station was created just for me.  Glad to hear there are other out there.

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