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Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Re: On TV right now
« on: March 18, 2009, 10:04:03 PM »
i <3 curling!

Does anyone realize that this is actually Bets curling? Actually Bets. Curling.  Bethany.  The ice. Get off of there!

Kook, what planet are you living on? 

I love you.

YAY!  Happy Birthday!

...I hope it tastes like wine.

I like this thread.

i'm going to wear my birthday suit to the bar.

I want to see Sighco do a body shot off your chest!!!

I'm gonna where a G-String and slap petroleum jelly on my butt cheeks!
Frock, you can do a body shot off my chest because I'm gonna wax before I go out!
Can't wait to see you Frocky Boy! ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)


i'm going to wear my birthday suit to the bar.


I can't believe you guys!  I love you, man.  I'm haveing a great day - they had a ticker tape parade for me, the papers called this "Super Tuesday" and, best of all, you all gave me a frickin' great thread!  I had no idea there were so many pics of me flying around cyber space... well, I guess I had some idea... but... Wow!

Ah, what next - ah yes, chocolate mousse! Life is good.

Make sure you help SPF80 & I celebrate this Friday!!!

10 mean you even had fun the night I barfed on you, threw your pizza into the street, and slapped Mike D across the face...before running away?

Wow - this is not to be missed!  I hope SP80's birthday goes on forever!!!!!!!


Ok, here's the plan.  Today does not work SO, we will have AN EXTRA SPECIAL TDR next Friday, February 8.

The location will be a doosy.  A LES dive bar by the likes of which many of you have never known.  The only way to properly TDR is to TDR booze...and this place has it.  It comes in cans.  You know where it is.

I warn you, this TDR will not be for the weak...liver.  If the smell of barf nausiates you, if Kenny Roger's "The Gambler"  and lil Ray Charles on the juke box makes you cringe, or if you are uncomfortable getting irresponsibly intoxicated and dancing on bars...then maybe this is not the TDR for you. 

Just wait it out and there will be another boring TDR for you to go to, you old, boring, sober, librarian.
(no offense to Librarians, please)

For the rest of us.  Join me at my favorite place, where the beer flows like wine and where beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano. I'm talking about a little place called...
...well, you know.

Elk, If you're out there somewhere, perhaps at The Abbey...where I last saw your shining face... REMEMBER WHAT I TOLD YOU THERE!

Heed my warning!  Drama is knocking on your door! I think "Poseur" is French... Vive Le Resistance, Elk, Vive Le Resistance!

Congrats, sounds like you've already made a positive impression.

The team you'll be managing is probably looking for cultural fit - so be yourself and you'll be golden.  They'll also be looking for leadership qulaity.  A couple other things to consider:
Individual Leadership - show integrity and ability to communicate effectively
Team Ledership - desire to build successful teams, be a role model and develop the folks under you (at all levels)
Market Leadership - show a drive for results and drive to grow the business, knowledge about the business and the business practices, focus on customer orientation (especially if your interviewing with a bank) and demonstrate a global perspective.

I find work samples can also be a secret weapon in an interview.  I think these folks just want to kick the tires before they buy the ride.



Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Re: Goodbye, bird.
« on: November 27, 2007, 04:25:00 PM »
With the way you were talking about that little bird last time we visited, I'm not so sure this was an accident...
I'm just sayin.

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Re: Ask Sigh Co.
« on: November 27, 2007, 04:22:34 PM »
See I toll yas, I gotz nollidje! What what? Hooze neckst?

There's regurgetated coffee all over my keyboard and my colleague is under the impression that I think his deck is funny.
I just can't get over this... 

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