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$580 with fins

bump, it's a steal....


Selling my MR/Lost California Twin.  It's 6'2" x 22" x 2.94" (44L) and  I had it built custom in C4 Construction.   It's one week new and has only been ridden once.   $600 and if your interested in fins, I have the smoke glass MR Twin plus trailer set for an additional $60.

Selling my 6'8"x 21.5"x 3.15" Rusty Yeti.  The Yeti I had built custom in EPoly construction.  It is in excellent condition and the construction is bullet proof.  The Yeti is $590 obo.  I also have a 5 fin set which includes EA Thruster Blackstix and Kinetic racing Parko quad rears (sm/m) and a twin plus trailer set of Captain Fin Chippa Wilson/Neal Purchase Jr.'s.   Both fin sets are $80. 

All of the fins are like new and have only been used twice.   $80 for the full set/$60 for the EA Blackstix Thruster set/$30 for the Kinetic Racing Parko Quad Trailers.  I'm willing to ship.

xxls xcel 5 mil.  Excellent condition and only used a handful of times.  $80, obo

xxls matuse 2 mil.  Well worn but has a little life left.  slight tear in neck cuff.  $40, obo

Both suits for $100.

7'2" x 21.5" x 3.06" (47.5) Pyzel Ghost for sale.  The board was built custom and has only been ridden twice.  It has 6+4/4 custom glassing with a redwood stringer and black rail wrap.  If you want to feel her up she's in Sayville Bunger.  I'm asking $680 obo.   

Bump, $350 for the Merlin

Selling my 6'4" x 21.5 x 2 7/8 @ 42.5 L Natural Curves Merlin round tail model shaped by Steve Coletta, one of the greatest shapers in the world that you've probably never heard of. The board is in excellent condition with just a few pressure dings. $380 for the Merlin. The Sci Fi picture was sold


fect except for a few pressure dings. Coletta of Natural Curves Surfboard’s is one of the greatest shapers in the U.S. that you’ve never heard of.$550 for Sci Fi and $480 for the Merlin.   $900 if sold together.

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