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6'8" x 22.25" x 3" (49.6 l) Roberts Dream Maker Plus Surfboard. The board has only been used three times and is in excellent condition. $420 obo

HS and AM2ís-sold

AM2, Captain Fin NPJ, and Kinetic Racing Trailers are in like new condition.  HS set has a nick in the tip of one of the fins. 

KR Trailers-$20

Will ship if desired.

Yeti Sold

bump, it's a steal....

Selling my MR/Lost California Twin.  It's 6'2" x 22" x 2.94" (44L) and  I had it built custom in C4 Construction.   It's one week new and has only been ridden once.   $600 and if your interested in fins, I have the smoke glass MR Twin plus trailer set for an additional $60.

Selling my 6'8"x 21.5"x 3.15" Rusty Yeti.  The Yeti I had built custom in EPoly construction.  It is in excellent condition and the construction is bullet proof.  The Yeti is $590 obo.  I also have a 5 fin set which includes EA Thruster Blackstix and Kinetic racing Parko quad rears (sm/m) and a twin plus trailer set of Captain Fin Chippa Wilson/Neal Purchase Jr.'s.   Both fin sets are $80. 

All of the fins are like new and have only been used twice.   $80 for the full set/$60 for the EA Blackstix Thruster set/$30 for the Kinetic Racing Parko Quad Trailers.  I'm willing to ship.

xxls xcel 5 mil.  Excellent condition and only used a handful of times.  $80, obo

xxls matuse 2 mil.  Well worn but has a little life left.  slight tear in neck cuff.  $40, obo

Both suits for $100.

7'2" x 21.5" x 3.06" (47.5) Pyzel Ghost for sale.  The board was built custom and has only been ridden twice.  It has 6+4/4 custom glassing with a redwood stringer and black rail wrap.  If you want to feel her up she's in Sayville Bunger.  I'm asking $680 obo.   

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