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Work is a killer. Anyone get out this morning?

An outstanding autobiography by William Finnegan, a prolific journalist whose life makes me want to drop everything and explore new lands. I highly recommend this book to everyone here. It's an alluring tale involving surf, adventure and progressive ideologies of a very conservative time - many of which I can't relate to being so young and growing up in a vastly different time.

The book talks about pioneering waves, the desperate search for the greater good as well as some spots out in Montauk and Long Beach that occasionally get good.

Pick it up if you have the chance.

Hey everyone,

Looking to buy a 5'4''-5'7'' HK, or something similar. I'm sadly not able to paddle my 5'3'' go to as fast as I'd like.

Currently on a Lost Lazy Boy at ~28Liters (not 100% sure). I'm 5'7'' 160 lbs. Not getting out as often as I'd like, so would want to capitalize on my water time!

Help a brotha out!

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