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Price drop 350

I have a 5'7'' hayden untitled which is good for people between 5'8''-6'0''.

This looks sick. I don't really need it but so coool

Price drop 375

Buy meeeeeeee! Trade for meeeeeee!

I can meet in Manhattan, or Merrick/Long Beach

Here are the pics:


5'7'' x 19 1/4'' x 2 5/16'' Hayden Shapes Untitled shortboard. Great for our type of waves. Futures 3 fin set up. Future Flex construction.

No dings, used about 10 times - excellent condition.

Interested in trading for a 5'4''-5'7'' Hypto Krypto or something similar.

Will update with pics later

Upload pics plz. the CL listing isn't working

You should focus on a career that allows you to live the life you want. You'll spend much more time at work than in the water. I grind myself, but like to get wet. See what interests you and make a career around that. I would optimize for a career that interests you and allows you to live the life you like. That means the flexibility to get wet in the afternoon or morning, but one that is intellectually stimulating. By excelling in your career, it will pay you dividends in the long run when it comes to great waves, dawn patrol, or even afternoon sessions.

Do any of you pay for surfline? Is it worth it? what are the best features?

Anyone have a link they use to access buoy data?

Is swellinfo down? Looking specifically in LI. Not sure what's going on

Anyone been? Planning a trip and will most likely be in Barcelona and Tenerife. Curious if anyone knows any spots in Tenerife. Heard it can get good, but also super rocky on the reef. Never surfed a reef, so interested in the differences as well!

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