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Hi all, looking for suggestions as one of my FCS boxes got smashed in a little.  Was going to bring to Nature's Shapes but Edgar is out of town.  Thanks for any reccos.

This is hands down the best board bag I have ever seen.  It's just about indestructible, carries two boards up to 6'6 in length each, and rolls up into a stuff sack.  (Pictures below)

Like-new condition.  Comes with a free air pump.
Sells for $200 new, asking $100.  Cash and carry, Rockaway Beach.  Buy it before I change my mind.

Product Website:

Here's a video where they throw it off cliffs, toss out of moving vehicles, stomp it, run it over with motorcycles, and not a scratch.

SOMA AirBag Designs™ - The Proof

An old friend has convinced me to bring myself and the family down to Cape Town and points east in February to celebrate a birthday.  Not the top season for southern hemi swells, but crossing fingers.  I've surfed some of the Cape area spots previously, but this time I want to make a proper dent in the bucket list.   Any intel to share regarding J Bay, or local spots around Port Elizabeth in terms of good peaks, and/or accommodations?

Had the M and thought the MT might be an better size for me, but I prefer the M.  Wore it once, never p'd in.
Extremely well built suit.  Great winter suit.  Worth $550 new, asking $300.

Damn!  Hurricane Pro closed up shop. My favorite hurricane app.

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Dims: 6’4 x 20.25 x 2.5
Comes with Stretch fins and tail pad.

Sick board.  Very good condition with no dings.
Selling b/c the volume doesn't match my weight.

$300 firm.

Left side got bad this past year. If I move it the wrong way, severe pain brings me to my knees. Now the right is going.  6 weeks of PT did nothing. Anyone got a success story? A great doc in western LI or NYC?

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I guess the airlines have adopted Uber's "congestion pricing" model?  Tix to PR jacked up 5x in the span of 48 hrs for this weekend, their last remaining seats cost the same as a trip to Indo or (130,000 air miles). Thanks, jerks.

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"Joel immediately asked Genz to bring scientists to the Marshalls who could help Joel understand the mechanics of the waves he knew only by feel — especially one called di lep, or backbone, the foundation of wave-piloting, which (in ri-meto lore) ran between atolls like a road. Joel’s grandfather had taught him to feel the di lep at the Rongelap reef: He would lie on his back in a canoe, blindfolded, while the old man dragged him around the coral, letting him experience how it changed the movement of the waves.

But when Joel took Genz out in the Pacific on borrowed yachts and told him they were encountering the di lep, he couldn’t feel it. Kelen said he couldn’t, either. When oceanographers from the University of Hawaii came to look for it, their equipment failed to detect it. The idea of a wave-road between islands, they told Genz, made no sense."

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Selfie fail
« on: January 28, 2016, 10:48:30 AM »

If you ever looked crossways at a surfer wielding a GoPro, this should make you smile:!/image/3A8/SurfFly?reelCtx=%7B%22sortOrder%22%3A%22DATE_DESC%22%2C%22pageNumber%22%3A1%2C%22keyChain%22%3A%22location%2Fcatchall-rest-of-world%22%2C%22reelType%22%3A%22SEARCH_GALLERY%22%2C%22search%22%3A%22locations%253Dcatchall-rest-of-world%22%7D

Stories of Stoke: The Aloha Room / Thankful and thoughtful
« on: October 06, 2015, 12:26:16 PM »
Missed most of the Joaquin swell due to work and illness.  Finally got to hit it right today, and man was it awesome.  A well overhead two wave set came and was feathering for 30 yards on some outer sandbar I'd never seen touch a wave before, like a mini outer reef Pipe.  And there was no fool there to mess it up.  It's incredible that you can walk down the beach and do this.  You ride dragons, and then you come in for breakfast.

I've noticed a technique expert tube riders using after exiting through the doggy door over shallow reef.  There's a perfect example in the Desert Point video up on Surfline now.  They ride on the whitewater for a few seconds, step on the tail, and send the board straight up in the air while jumping off the back.  I've also seen this in some very shallow breaks in PR.  A mysto rapid board-recovery technique?  Style points?  On LSD and trying to pierce the sun?  Or just (duhh) lightly jumping off the back and the board just does what it does?  Won't be exiting tubes over lava rock anytime soon (or in this life) ...but I've wondered.

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