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Hi all, looking for suggestions as one of my FCS boxes got smashed in a little.  Was going to bring to Nature's Shapes but Edgar is out of town.  Thanks for any reccos.

My current pick is Alba kids mineral sunscreen spf30 fragrance free.

Some of the Alba’s run into and burn my eyes but this one doesn’t and stays a long time.

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The paddle out was really something.  Words from the heart, an oystercatcher circled us, pod of dolphins cruised by, a mama and baby whale, and we all caught a wave in the flower-strewn lineup (in no particular order).  I think Tim would have been delighted.

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Hi Debbie I would go with a 4/3mm full suit . If you get the backzip models they are easy to take on and off.

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Bump - $100. 

Selling for half price, in like-new condition and free air pump.
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I’m pretty sure it would do 20” no problem. If you’re around, bring the board by and we’ll test it for you. 

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I’ve surfed in Spain but only Tarifa. Was very windy.

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This is hands down the best board bag I have ever seen.  It's just about indestructible, carries two boards up to 6'6 in length each, and rolls up into a stuff sack.  (Pictures below)

Like-new condition.  Comes with a free air pump.
Sells for $200 new, asking $100.  Cash and carry, Rockaway Beach.  Buy it before I change my mind.

Product Website:

Here's a video where they throw it off cliffs, toss out of moving vehicles, stomp it, run it over with motorcycles, and not a scratch.

SOMA AirBag Designs™ - The Proof

Thanks for the tips. I got semi skunked. Summer is obviously not peak season but nonetheless JBay had good waves immediately before and after my visit - sadly just not during the week I was in the area.  But surfing wasn’t the primary aim of the trip.

Did get some semi fun waves at Kommetjie near the Cape of Good Hope, and gorgeous spot, but would have been better on a log.  For that spot a 4/3 and booties would have been indicated, as even though the air was 95 the water was 52. The Atlantic over there gets cold!

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Bump $200...amazing deal

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Ah thanks depzai. I actually meant to write Victoria bay instead of port Elizabeth. Heard it’s pretty consistent there but not much info on suggested spots.

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An old friend has convinced me to bring myself and the family down to Cape Town and points east in February to celebrate a birthday.  Not the top season for southern hemi swells, but crossing fingers.  I've surfed some of the Cape area spots previously, but this time I want to make a proper dent in the bucket list.   Any intel to share regarding J Bay, or local spots around Port Elizabeth in terms of good peaks, and/or accommodations?

Swimming has been my go-to for many years to stay in shape over the winter.  But something happened this winter that amazed even me, for what it allowed me to do.
I had gone to crap over the fall, due to constant work travel and then the holidays.  I wanted to get in shape for a PR strike , so I hit the pool every 2-3 days for a couple weeks leading up to the trip.  Didn't get too fancy with the regimen, some interval work, got up to 1400 yards.  Then - and maybe this is key - I stopped workouts for 4 days until I left.  BAM I was surfing 5 hours a day for 4 days straight, in good waves.  I was shocked cause I'm 48 and it didn't even tear my body apart.  It's actually not that hard to get into shape.

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