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then read on...

my other half is in an off-broadway children's musical and has two unclaimed comp tickets for june. if you're interested, pm me. there may be two comp tix available for july as well.

Suitable for a 5ft 115lb lady. Used is fine. Any leads?


saw this in an old thread and ready to make the purchase. reviews? i popped my shoulder out twice in the same (basketball) game a month ago and unfortunately i have a history of dislocating/popping out my shoulder while playing ball. does anyone know of other literature on rotator cuff therapy? i'm sure i will find more good stuff today but please do share your advice.

Stories of Stoke: The Aloha Room / first board ever & fresh wax stoke
« on: April 03, 2012, 01:46:05 AM »
for the past few years, i've been borrowing my friend's 9'6" eastern challenger and occasionally renting from boarders. whenever i'd find "the board" to buy, i'd have a medical misfortune or couldn't pick up in time or would be called into work or some sort of seemingly cosmic intervention. i never pushed the purchase though. cos afterall a board's a thing and if the surf stoke is what i was chasing, i only had to catch a wave (even in my mind). plus i always knew there was another "perfect board for me" around the corner.
 two weeks ago, i finally picked her up and of course eagerly took the chicabomb out for a 3 hour session. it was an anniversary present actually, which made it mo' betta. however last night, i think i officially became a board owner when out of nowhere i thought, "i never cleaned her up!" so this morning, i grabbed a comb and some wax, rode the train to rockaway, and took my board out of the locker. i carried her to the top deck where the sun was beaming. it felt really nice up there. as i stripped away the old sandy wax, i took note of subtle pressure dents and minute cracks. i enjoyed learning her angles, shape, and color. when it was all said and done, i was beyond content.
 (unfortunately, i forgot to bring some wax remover and a bar of base coat to complete the process. doh! but needless to say, i'm looking forward to that step.)
 first board stoke especially rules. it's funny doing something new as an adult. you're aware of what led you to that moment of newness and how that newness will soon become nostalgia. i can't wait for gnarly wipeouts, lone sessions at dusk, and maybe even learning how to cutback with my very own board. i might still be a noob, but i am so in it for life.



Super nice girl here, looking to split a locker rental with someone trustworthy as soon as Boarders re-opens.

I have a mini-mal that would be a bit much to haul around on the subway so renting a locker would be the ideal answer. However, I would like to save some $$$ and I'm sure you would, too. Any takers?

Careless folks and negative jerks need not apply. Don't mess with my stuff and I won't with yours. Simple and easy.


To the local guys: if you want to offer your space i.e. backyard or porch for me to leave my board and gear for a reasonable rental rate and/or barter, I would be open to that as well. (I've got references if ya need 'em.) Thanks!

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