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the dumpster diver is one of my favorite boards ive ever had... what i like about it is that it has the float and speed of my fish but surfs like my regular shortboard so transitioning back and forth between the two is easy.   

ive tried the sub scorcher and its a great board too but i fell into a great deal for the DD and you wont be disappointed - it generates so much speed and i find myself doing turns on this thing that i would never stick on my normal board...

my dimensions: 5'9, 160lbs
my dumpster diver's dims: 5'7 x 19.75 x 2-5/16
my normal shortboard dims: 6'0 x 18.75 x 2.3
I got it used off craigslist for $350 (practically new) otherwise i would have gone even smaller because the board has so much volume. 
you'll be smiling from ear to ear with that board!!

happy bday frrok... did you get the gift i sent, their edible!!

i super glued joey frroks head back together after his fin tomahawked him at blacks one day in san diego... he could have definitely used a few staples.... it was a gnarly gash!  thank god for the pacifico's we were drinking otherwise i dont think i could have stomached the operation...

he was back on his knees in no time...

Stories of Stoke: The Aloha Room / Re: Dad stoke #1,987,465!!!!!
« on: July 07, 2010, 01:39:24 PM »
i wish i was in new york to drop in on your kids hahahahahahaha

just kidding - thats awesome!!

I just picked up a 5'7 CI dumpster diver (a similar groveler shape...) anyway the thing absolutely flies!  it came with the future AM1 fins... kind of small.  I surf the FEA Hex RTM fins on my standard shortboard... anyway i popped those fins in and they definitely felt more drivey!  I love that fin.

I'm 5'9, 160lbs. 

I could have easily gone with the 5'5 dumpster diver but i got such a good deal on this thing on craigslist... its practically brand new so I wasnt about to be picky.  such a fun fun board that I will ride 90% of the time now.  Ive seen a bunch of those white diamonds and people love them! 

mochado's a nice guy but kind of socially retarded as are the hobgoods... but this is all from brief encounters..

taylor knox is actually a really nice guy... he works out at my gym from time to time and is just a nice guy.

donovan just looks like a douche bag to me.  haha i saw him play at the mercery lounge in the LES years ago - he was pretty terrible then... only slightly less terrible now.

get the CI dumpster diver... i just picked up a used 5'7.  the thing is a small wave destroyer!  so much fun!!

i am 5'9, 160lbs and the 5'7 feels almost too big - such a fast fun little board!

ok so i made the plunge and bought a 5'7 dumpster diver off of craigslist for $350... its practically new!  (you gotta love southern california when the guys answer to the why are you getting rid of it question is "well i ride for bill johnson so i'm not really supposed to be riding other boards but i love this thing" haha his loss is my gain.

i tried it this morning in kind of junky waist to shoulder high waves... the thing is fast and turns on a dime... it floats better than my fish that is an inch longer, a half inch wider and 1/8 of an inch thicker... i guess the volume is just distributed really well... i need to figure out which fins to put in this thing.  it came with futuer AM1's but the tail kept sliding out on big turns.. i usually like a bigger fin like the FEA - i will pop those in on my next try

full report in better rippable waves coming soon!

and full summer quiver shot coming soon..

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Re: A Cat's Diary
« on: June 25, 2010, 02:02:30 PM »
i would give anything to be my dog in my next life... that lazy sack of brown trout has the greatest life ever. 

i was in a shop the other day and they had a few dumpster divers but not the size i want.  believe it or not the 5'7 felt too big and the 5'4 felt too small.... i am thinking based on feedback from people that ive been talking to and from what i tried, the 5'6 is probably the right size to go with - but i'm not sure if theyre talking an eps board or a poly board - all the ones i saw were poly

either way i've been looking on craigslist for a used one...

haha so today i tried another friends 5'6 CI dumpster diver today and i think i like it better than the rocket... has anyone tried one - the thing absolutely rips!  i also heard that the LOST sub skorcher is sick too...

anyone tried any of those??

i was surprised how flexible the placebo felt... i got back on my shortboard and the thing felt so stiff.

punchy waist high + waves today... traded boards in the water with a friend - he rode my standard 6'0 shortboard I rode his 5'5 placebo rocket!

such a fun little board - i want one so bad, so much better in little surf than any small wave board i've ever surfed!  the 5'5 didnt even feel small

anyone else try one of these things??

its description:
The Rocket is Placeboman's version of Lost's best selling model for   2008. Ok it's not really a new version.  It's the exact same board cause   Placeboman was to busy partying with the Lopey to do any fine-tuning.    Besides this board works so good there is no reason to change it.

that was a terrible call... USA should have won

if you log onto your at&t account you can see a graph of your data usage.  for some reason i seem to use wifi connections more than 3g so my data usage is pretty low and like frrok said, i can probably save money by lowering my data plan.

i spoke with a customer service rep at at&t and they said that if you have a data plan and go over your minutes it pro-rates your usage which isnt bad.

with that said I love my Iphone but at&t service is terrible and I am constantly dropping calls.  I might make the switch to Sprint (which is really good in SD) and get that new HTC EVO 4g phone... it looks sick, google's android network is supposed to be really good and even though my city doesnt have 4G yet it probably will in the next few months I would think..  its gonna be hard to give up the iphone though...

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