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...ahhh yoga!! does a body good

after a 2 year hiatus of not doing yoga i made 2010's resolution to do yoga at least twice a week - its now 2011 and not only did i stick to that resolution but i can honestly say i cant imagine NOT doing yoga at least twice a week.  i started out doing yoga in nyc a while back thanks to the advice of our resident chiro/top notch surfer/friend dr nick (mullet hopper) - my neck was jacked and he recommended that i start doing anusara yoga at this place called VIRA Yoga in soho on broadway (between houston and prince).  that style of yoga is great - its about flow, alignment and balance - more of that meditative hippy crap ha

nowadays I alternate between Hatha and Ashtanga styles of yoga (which arent much different especially given who's teaching the class i go to)... its a good mix of your standard vinyasa's with some difficult poses thrown in as well as arm balances, hand stands etc... thoughts on hot yoga:
(for the past 4 years ive been living in encinitas california - arguably the yoga capital of the western world and there is a yoga studio on every corner with some "style" yoga ive never heard of that claims its the next best thing but in reality its just your basic vinyasa flow with some weird brown trout thrown in)

...ok now onto hot yoga.  I sweat like a pig in my normal yoga class so i couldnt imagine a heated class but wanted to see what all the hype was about so I paid $10 for an unlimited week at this place called "yoga tropics" (its in downtown encinitas on the 101 and i have never seen so many hot girls practically naked in my life)... so the first time i went i go to what they call their "yoga 1" which is their basic hot yoga... the heat is turned up to 103 so right off the bat i am dripping sweat - i am crammed in a steamy room next to gorgeous women with my shirt off (life was good)... the poses were pretty basic, almost too basic but i had a really hard time keeping with my breathe and found my mind wandering constantly... by the time we got to the end of the 50 min class (thats too short) there was very little oxygen left in the room and i had the most restless panicky shavasanna (sp?) - thats a resting pose and all i wanted to do was get the hell out of there... i felt pretty good after the class though... i tried that class one more time another day and still got the restless "get me the hell out of here" feeling... I did try one of their heated vinyasa classes they offered - the heat was turned down to 97 and much less crowded because it was an advanced class - that was a great class!

anyway - i am not a big fan of the heated yoga sensation...

I say try a bunch of different styles of yoga (vinyasa, hatha & ashtanga are all really good), get your breathing down and stick with it.  I consider myself a pretty advanced yogi and still find myself getting humbled constantly by the poses - so remember, its a practice!
definitely introduce yourself to the teacher before the class, tell them of your ailments so they can make sure you dont do something that will hurt you and have fun - i am the most high strung impatient person but love this brown trout haha

namaste bitches!!!

the injury I didnt even know I had:

was surfing D-Street in Encinitas, CA a few years ago on a chest to head high day... pulled into a barrel, it started to close out so i kicked through it and my board smacked me in the upper lip and underside of my nose... a little bit of a bloody nose and a slightly swollen lip i stayed in the water for another hour or so...

about a week later out of no where i wake up and that whole area is severely swollen, I go to my doctor and he tells me i had a slight staph infection and that I probably got a cut in the inside of my mouth or nose from that accident and water must have gotten in there... anyway he gave me an antibiotic and the swelling went down pretty fast.  kind of scary.  i actually called seacliff to make sure the antibiotic was what I should be taking...

frrok got a nice hatchet wound from his fin to the top of his head when the two of us were visiting san diego and surfing blacks like 5 years ago?.... it was about 3" long by about 1/8 to 3/16" deep - petty gnarly... could have used a few staples... but we wanted to keep surfing that week so we called the good doc faye and she walked me through super gluing his head back together (as we drank pacifico's of course)... he was back in the water in less than 24 hours and there is barely a scar!!

bruised ego... happens quite a bit...

the neon blue Large Short is still available!! dont think i want a neon blue wetsuit though

sorry i meant 5'4

5'5! no question

dont be affraid to go really short on the DD.... mine is 5'7 and i could easily go shorter

this is all very shocking! 

Carp...this thread is going to part me from my money.  I'd love to get a Faktion but dunno if he could turn one around for me in a month.

Boyeee - what's your verdict between the Muhl and Dumpster Diver?

Sun Diego has a 5'4 DD that would be perfect for me.  (I know...Sun Diego?  wtf)

It's been over a year...I've got the new board itch...

i'll be honest, i probably wont be surfing the muhl for a long time because of this board... the 5'4 will be perfect for you!

good choice!!! i have the same exact one... although it could be the photo but that one looks like the tail is more pulled in than mine but i doubt they are any different... you are stoked!!!

the most fun you'll have on two feet them there dumpster divers!!  5-0 or nothing bro

is there is a big crease in the tail?

at least once a month the cardiff kook is dressed up like flava flav...

this is by far the best one yet - its absolutely massive

here is a good pic to show the scale of this thing:

all the cops grew up in the area and think these things are hilarious so they take their time removing it all... 

Glad you all scored!

Woe is me

pete if it makes you feel better we're getting some good waves over here too:

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