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Ditto on what Boyeee said......I live practically across the street from him now  8) .   Being self employed helps....BUT I just got out from a Saturday night sunset session at Cardiff reef where I was doing longboard laps in perfect waist high peelers with three other people after the crowd went in for dinner.  It really is kind of a fantasy bubble here in North County SD.  There are surfable waves 95 % of the time's kind of crazy.

That said, I still love NY and Eastern LI.  I am coming back again for part of the summer.  If I had to, I could move back and still enjoy it.  It's all about the people you're with.

howdy neighbor!!

Where I live in San Diego you can always find uncrowded waves to surf... dont get me wrong, there are definitely those summer weekend days when its packed but its no where near as bad as rockaway... 
Ever since I started my own business I havent had to deal with traffic or parking that much so I am in this north county bubble fantasy world.

I'll be honest, if I didnt surf I probably wouldnt live here (how much easier would life be if you didnt surf right ha).  I have some very close friends here who I've known all my life so even though my immediate family is in new york it still feels like i am surrounded by family which helps... The lifestyle in SD is much healthier than in new york and the accessibility to good quality unprocessed foods are way easier and cheaper out here but I agree on the lack of culture (besides surf culture or mexican culture)... NYC is a relative inexpensive easy flight though!  I love the lifestyle and the lack of cold has made me soft in my old age...

It really comes down with where you can find that balance of being able to make a decent living, surf consistently and be content... for me san diego is that place for others it might be Hawaii or Australia or wherever..

Having great friends and family nearby, along with stimulating things to do when I don't feel like surfing is really the best balance for me.
I lived in California for a few years, and while the waves were great...the traffic and parking got old.......I still visit CA whenever I get the itch, but I can't see moving back.
I could definately deal with spending the winter in PR   :) :) :)

...i actually never technically lived in brooklyn... Long Island to Manhattan to Leucadia...

after 28 years of living in New York I made the plunge and moved to North County San Diego (encinitas to be exact).... its been 4-1/2 and i dont see myself moving back anytime soon.  I have a house a block from the ocean, a pretty decent business, a dog and a great life... my family comes out often and I make frequent trips to new york - there are always waves and even if they aren't Hawaii standards they are still great!

20 i got back from Sri Lanka last night and have to say that the country is absolutely beautiful!!

because of time constraints I was stuck surfing on the south coast which the winds dont typically favor this time of year but I still got decent waves... surfed 2 sessions a day (morning and afternoon) and did tons of site seeing during the day...

tons of Buddhist temples, elephants, beautiful beaches etc...

I got fun chest to head high warm waves pretty much to myself the whole time... only one evening was it glassy and slightly overhead and almost perfect!! The place I was staying at had plenty of decent boards and I rode a chippy 5'11 shortboard that worked perfectly. 

I hear the side of the island I was on gets pretty good during the high season (november - march)... and right now the east coast seems to be the place to go -- at 8 hours from the airport I didnt have the time to see for myself.

Would I go back there for a surf trip?  Probably not (if i traveled that far I would just go to the maldives or a little further to Indo) but its definitely worth going there to see the Beauty of the place.  The people were really great and friendly...and its near the 2 year anniversary when their civil war ended so its safe!!

I posted a ton of pics on facebook.

21 my Sri Lanka trip is booked.  I leave next wedensday night arriving in Colombo airport at like 3:30am... I am gonna head to Welligama bay which is on the south coast.  Right now the east coast starts to light up but I dont have the time to get to that side of the island... Weligama Bay apparently faces east so it gets the same swell as the east coast (plus the place came highly recommended from a work colleague who goes there quite a bit)

I'll keep everyone posted.

right now i am planning to go may 26-29... its short but i have no choice.

hopefully the surf will be good and i dont get caught in an elephant stampede ha

i'll keep everyone posted

(oh ron, i sent a message to that contact a few days ago and have yet to hear back from them...)

i used to get it too... got a degenerative disc between my c5-c6 vertibrae - my whole left arm used to tingle... when i surf for more than 3 hours it starts happening... yoga helps a lot. 

call dr. nick - he'll cure what ales ya!!

thanks for the info ron!!

right now i am 95% sure i am doing it... traveling without boards should be really easy...

- backpack, check
- boardshorts, check
- sun block check
- a few t-shirts
- flip flops, check
- camera, check
- passport, check

traveling lightly without boards will be awesome

(right now its like 7 foot on sri lanka's east coast -- unfortunately i pretty much have to stay on the south shore because of the short time i'll be there... i think the east coast is like an 8 hour drive from the airport)

Has anyone surfed Sri Lanka?

I am in week 2 of an 8+ week work assignment in Abu Dhabi, UAE and around the 1 month point I need to make a boarder run somewhere to get my passport stamped so after talking to a colleague out here, who also surfs, mentioned Sri Lanka could be done in a 3 day weekend pretty easily...

He goes down there and stays at this place that also has surfboards that I would be able to use (hopefully it can be a semi decent shortboard...)

Has anyone been?  Any good advice or tips?  Is it realistic that I could rent a decent board down there?

I need to be out of this country around the June 1st date.


Sri Lanka:

I am doing work for the next 7 weeks (been here already a week) in Abu Dhabi, UAE and need to make a boarder run around the 1 month point for visa purposes and am thinking about taking a 3 day trip to Sri Lanka... one of my colleagues here has done it and recommended a great place to stay that also has surfboards for use (i doubt i'll be able to find a decent shortboard but i guess i have no choice to surf what they got)...

Guppy when are you guys planning to be there?  i have to be there before june 1st so in and around there i'll be there for 3 days...

anyone else have any Sri Lanka surf advice?

i'll make a formal topic post about it to...

Paul Hinniker is the man behind taylor knox's video - he is a trainer at my gym and I see him training all the time... he knows his stuff so I would definitely recommend that dvd.  I dont know anything about the other one.

happy birthday ron - i hope you dont poop yourself and or break your hip reading this post.
damn it boyee, you made me laugh which caused me to fall out of my chair breaking my hip and then since I couldn't get up..... least you didnt poop yourself right?

happy birthday ron - i hope you dont poop yourself and or break your hip reading this post. 

a good instructor will walk around the room and help you with your technique and make you feel really comfortable...

dont ever be intimidated, there are people of all different levels in every class and no one is even looking at you anyway... just stick with it and focus on your breath, getting deeper into a pose will come with time.

I say take a few classes until you find one with an instructor you like... introduce yourself and let them know you are new - they will come around and adjust you and make your experience better

yoga definitely improves your surfing too!!

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