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this youtube video will change your life bra!

Has anyone surfed Sri Lanka?

I am in week 2 of an 8+ week work assignment in Abu Dhabi, UAE and around the 1 month point I need to make a boarder run somewhere to get my passport stamped so after talking to a colleague out here, who also surfs, mentioned Sri Lanka could be done in a 3 day weekend pretty easily...

He goes down there and stays at this place that also has surfboards that I would be able to use (hopefully it can be a semi decent shortboard...)

Has anyone been?  Any good advice or tips?  Is it realistic that I could rent a decent board down there?

I need to be out of this country around the June 1st date.


punchy waist high + waves today... traded boards in the water with a friend - he rode my standard 6'0 shortboard I rode his 5'5 placebo rocket!

such a fun little board - i want one so bad, so much better in little surf than any small wave board i've ever surfed!  the 5'5 didnt even feel small

anyone else try one of these things??

its description:
The Rocket is Placeboman's version of Lost's best selling model for   2008. Ok it's not really a new version.  It's the exact same board cause   Placeboman was to busy partying with the Lopey to do any fine-tuning.    Besides this board works so good there is no reason to change it.

The NY NJ Surf Garden Center / baby's got back...yard
« on: June 09, 2010, 02:52:24 PM »
...i just went outside and took some crappy iphone june gloom photos of my backyard!  i have a full on rosemary bush thats out of control and various doctor seuss plants..

deck view from back door

view of side yard from deck... along the house got some kangaroo paws, doctor seuss looking things, large rosemary bush & roses (we just cut the tops off of most othem):

...our small orange tree - maybe in 10 years we'll get some oranges (should have gotten a dwarf tree), some Lilly's and some overgrown vines growing over my bamboo fencing:

...the king of the house:

...our tools:  (frroks is in there somewhere)

...the days before the deck (a long time ago):

...for around $150

its a lot of rubber... (not that i'll ever wear that thick of a wetsuit ever again if i dont have to)

The NY NJ Surf Garden Center / my friends company
« on: March 19, 2010, 01:52:32 PM »
my friend has a company called "u grow organics" where they set up organic gardens in peoples backyards...

pretty cool

to start, the waves have been absolutely firing this winter in southern california... there hasnt been many days in the last month where its been below chest to head high and quite a few days where its been huge!  I surfed maybe 12-14 consecutive days where i didnt want to even think about going to the gym... i found myself going to yoga twice a week just to get the knots out...

so now this week the rain has come and i dont want to go near the water so a good friend of mine wrote me up this killer circuit workout that has been kicking my ass... here it is:


Warm up: stationary bike, jog or jump rope for 5-10 minutes until the body is warm

spend a few minutes with a foam roller rolling out all the knots in the legs & back...

the workout: (to be performed in a circuit without any rest between exercises) - 2 complete circuits
circuit 1:

1. Power Cleans: 1 set, 10 reps with 115lbs

2. weighted pull-ups: 10 reps (or as many as you can weighted and and the remainder unweighted)

3. Incline dumbell press: 1 set, 20reps alternating arms, 60lbs dumbells (or whatever weight you can handle)
(can be done on either an incline bench or a swiss ball)

4. Walking Lunges: 1 set, 30lb kettle bell (or dumbells), 30 steps

5. Horizontal Pulls: 1 set, 15 reps

6. Bosu Ball Plyometric pushups: 1 set, 20 reps
<a href="" target="_blank" class="aeva_link bbc_link new_win"></a>

7. RLESS (Rear Leg Elevated Split Squats): 1 set 10 reps each leg, 30lb kettle bell (or dumbell)

8. Kettle bell standing shoulder press: 1 set, 20 reps alternating arms  (can substitute dumbells for kettle bell)

9. Burpees: 10 reps

2-3 min rest

circuit 2:
 1. Power Cleans: 1 set, 10 reps with 115lbs
 2. Weighted pull-ups: 10 reps (or as many as you can weighted and and the remainder unweighted)
 3. Body Weight Cable Press: 1 set, 20reps 
(its like doing a push-up while supporting yourself on a cable a few inches off the ground - they are brutal...)
 4. Walking Lunges: 1 set, 30lb kettle bell (or dumbells), 30 steps
 5. Horizontal Pulls: 1 set, 15 reps
 6. Flat Bench Press: 1 set, 15 reps, 135lbs

 7. Kettle Bell Swing: 1 set 10 reps, 40-50lbs
 8. Kettle bell standing shoulder press: 1 set, 20 reps alternating arms  (can substitute dumbells for kettle bell)
 9. Burpees: 10 reps (haha the best for last...remember to jump as high as you can at the end of each rep)

to be done 3 times a week, yoga on the off days...

good luck and feel free to substitute any of the exercises.

i just got a new one - they finally have size large short!!! hell yeah!!!!
$162.46 with shipping!!!

Hi guys in the tradition of all those other posts "ask elk", "ask jake" etc... Why dont we start an "Ask Boyeee" thread where you can ask me any questions related to exercize, fitness, diet, strength training, hair removal techniques (haha)... etc..
am i qualified to answer these questions you ask?  probably not but if i cant than someone else might be able to step up and provide some insight.  i have been an advid fitness freak for a long time, a former competitive natural (steroid free) body builder and i surf every day there are waves (which is almost always in SD)... so ask away.

Stories of Stoke: The Aloha Room / unexpected stoke
« on: April 25, 2009, 10:25:16 PM » up this morning at 6am (like every morning) suited up and walked to the beach thinking the swell we've had for the last few days would still be good (as it was forcasted to be).. got to the beach and literally turned around and went home, it was garbage and i had to be at work in a few hours....

i got home from work around 4:30, ran into a neighbor who just got out of the water and said it was fun... not expecting much i walk down to the beach and jumped in the water a few hundred yards north of my normal spot (its been breaking good at this spot lately) and it was a chest high little skate park - so much damn fun and i layed down some of the best turns i've done in a while - MAN I NEEDED THAT!!  its the best when its totally not expected. 

[insert perma-grin here]

after the first two events i am proud to announce that team Yam Bag (me) is number 1!

yay for me! 

frrok you make me sick.... i cant stay mad at you

Trading is open... who's your team for snapper?

just got my new fish on sunday... such a fun fun fast board (my friend has the exact same one and its magic.. i am waiting another week to surf mine so it can cure more)

Matt Muhlenthaler performance fish
5'8 x 19-3/4 x 2-3/8 quad...

total boxy rails... pulled in thin tail.. lots of beef in the front.... basically a short board where your back foot is, a floaty fast fish from that point forward..

haha the shaper wrote "jib the lip model" on the stringer where all the dimensions are written.. i ordered this like a week before xmas. 

so psyched to ride it!

doesnt this guy look like Kurt

he dropped out of the comp right before trading was closed and he was on my team... there goes my good fantasy surfer score

brazilians... nothing but trouble!  >:(

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