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For me every day:

4 eggs over easy (2 whites, 2 whole) with feta cheese & franks hot sauce
1 bowl of oatmeal mixed with muesli, ground flax seed & cinnamon
1-2 cups black coffee

that will keep you regular and pretty full...

my typical daily intake:

breakfast: (almost always the same)
3 eggs over easy (2 whole, 1 white) w/ feta cheese and a little franks hot sauce
1 bowl of oatmeal/muesli mixed with 2 table spoons of ground flax seed and cinnamon
1 multi vitamin, 2 fish oil pills and a giant cup of black coffee

[run to the bathroom haha]

mid morning snack: maybe some fruit or nuts or whatevers laying around...

lunch: (a typical one)
1/2 can of tuna fish mixed with either olive oil or some kind of salad dressing on lebanese flat bread, hummus and some kind of cheese
a handful of vegitables (i usually get one of those pre mixed bags of vegis from trader joes with brochali, cauliflower and baby carrots and mix it with snap peas or something)... eat it raw
and a piece of fruit

mid day i'll have a bowl of yogurt (i like trader joes organic vanilla) mixed with granola..

then i'll go to the gym or yoga or surf (if i didnt surf in the morning)

post workout protein shake

its different all the time... but i'll usually throw some kind of meat on the bbq and make something easy like quinoa and drop a handful of those vegis on the plate

i pretty much snack all day long on top of that... i work from home

drink water all day long...

people surf in new york?

people surf in new york?


this youtube video will change your life bra!

I think its nice how they gave that homeless man a job by paying him to be in their catalog...

Always support local! 

(AJW may not be local but he is an east coaster now shaping and living out of san diego... he makes a great board just dont let him crash at your house unless you dont care if he hooks up with your female roomate -- that actually happened twice with two different female roomates ive had... haha - I recommend his boards highly)

well i think the chocolate milk is good because its a combo of casein protein and whey protein... with a small percentage of the fast absorbing whey protein to instantly fuel the muscles and a much larger percentage of the slow absorbing casein protein to continue fueling over a monger period of time.

I personally dont think there are enough grams of protein in a container of chocolate milk for my needs but its definitely not a bad post workout alternative.

For some reason I cant stop thinking about the scene in Anchorman where ron burgundy is drinking the milk "milk was a poor choice" haha

...not bad for an old man  :P

Ha - true.  ::)

Hey boyeee, that brings me to my next thought - any suggestions on the best supplements/strategies to speed the recovery phase after long and hard workouts?

i honestly only really take a protein shake after working out.. its usually just a simple whey protein mixed with water - nothing crazy. 

I'll check out that whey online good to know . I plan on transitioning into a more carb heavy diet in the 60-30 -10 range myself once the last bit of fat is burned off . I come from a swimming background and this is my first attempt at weight training beyond calisthenics , cardio , pool or road work . I plan on messing around without the creatine , and BCaa s after a bit from what I've read the 5 mg of creatine I take and 6 mg of BCaa seems to help with the muscle recovery but I'm also reading sondoes simple Chocolate milk post workout . This is all new to me . What I do know is what training I've done has yielded very good results quickly and I look forward to learning more and seeing where this goes .

that seems like a good method... the real key is to find what works best for your body since everyone is different...

I do pretty intense full body power circuit workouts 3 times a week where for 45 minutes i do two 10 exercise circuits with maybe a 3 minute break in between circuits - i am absolutely drenched afterwards... between that, surfing and yoga 2-3 times a week i have seemed to have find the perfect equation...

i also eat all day long...

if you want a great whey protein that is extremely inexpensive (probably one of the best on the market quality wise) check out

"grow whey":

if you buy 2 or more its only $22 each.. a great buy, great tasting, low carbs, mixes well etc...

and if you want even better protein that site has Metabolic Drive which is the Ferrari of whey protein - slightly more expensive

I have been working out for 17 years or more and never really took anything besides a protein shake supplement (when i was in college i am sure i tried creatine here and there but i dont believe in that stuff)...

Now what works best for me are meals with a 30% protein, 60% carbs, 10% fat ratio... and i only take a post workout protein shake ... if i was training to gain more muscle then the protein percentage would be slightly higher and I would probably throw in an additional shake in the mix..

i highly recommend that protein.. and that website has great articles (most of which debunk the meathead training mentality)

AJW surfboards are really good!!

The brightest stars burn out the fastest. My best friend died the same way at 23. He was go go go, all the time. If the drugs didn't get him something else would have. People who knew him are glad to have, I'll bet the same rings true for Andy. RIP to those who have moved on, let's remember them for their triumphs not demons.

i dont think anyone could have said it better than that! RIP

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