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I bought my 9 year old a kingdom 5 4 (20 liter) epoxy board last week, seems a little narrow. Interested in trade for something a bit wider, and more volume so he gets into more waves.
I do not have exact dims but can send with pics when home from work if anyone interested.
Board in Monmouth County NJ.

I dinged the wood rail of my beloved 62 firewire hellfire fst today, and was curious if I can repair this with standard epoxy resin mix. I'm guessing the answer is yes, but just curious if anyone else has confronted this. Also curious if its less likely to take on water on the wood rail  if not too deep.


180 and I'll pick it up tomorrow...

I have a 5 11 Randy French Quadfish- surftech I might trade for that. A few years old but never got much use.  I'm in Red Bank.

Ill buy the 3.2 if we could arrange for you to  send it to me in Red Bank, NJ. I just want it for the neoprene, so size is irrelevant. How much is shipping, any idea?

Is board still available? I think a friend of mine might take it off your hands. He is in NJ but going to LI this weekend.

Ok after about 3 weeks in boiler room, my beloved board finally seems dry and I am halfway through my repair.  One question regarding my repair. I filled the ding with epoxy/q cell filler mix, perhaps too quickly and after sanding, I found two small, (3mmx3mm) air bubble craters which are not near the edges.  Is this a big deal?  Should I fill those as a seperate step before laying the fiberglass or just lay the fiberglass and fill them with a little epoxy as one step.

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« on: December 07, 2008, 12:44:30 PM »
Might consider a trade for my 7'2" Takayama Egg.

Come to think of it  I  also have a Surftech Randy French 5' 10" Quadfish I would trade. 15 3/4 x 20 1/8 x 15 7/8  x 2 1/2.

Bought it new last June.

I'd give you my 7' 2" takayama egg, surftech, for it, but it sounds like thats not the direction your going.

Update: I bought  my Rusty used, and  I estimate its about 1-2 years old, so not sure  if its the newer EPS they claim to be using. The  board is still in the boiler room, and whenever I change  the crumpled newspaper, its wet. I am concerned about those potential "pockets" of water and am preparing for a prolonged recovery  period with an uncertain  prognosis.

Thanks again to all. I'll keep you updated

Board is currently in the boiler room and still draining, though slowly after 4 days. Newspaper  certainly seems to have some osmotic effect.   I will take the collective advice and leave it there for the next few weeks. Thanks so much to all of you for sharing your knowledge.

I recently bought a custom 6 4 rusty piranha eps board. Its my favorite board of all  time,  but it had a 1 inch cracked pressure ding on the bottom near the nose. When  I opened it, I found out it had clearly leaked and about 1 liter of water came out over 24 hrs. Can  anyone tell  me  how to assure the board is dry before fixing the ding? Thanks in advance.

yeah, i've still got the flyer 2.

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