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I'd be all over this if I didn't have another C4 from Drew being glassed right now, sick board.

Someone else please buy this board, it's tempting me and I have absolutely no reason to buy it for myself.

Ha, how many of us have Walkers sitting around from that huge group buy we did back in ~2008?

Pay only? Not... free cams still free. I don’t need to watch 8 hours of rewind to see me as a spec fighting 12 other guys for a wave only to be dropped in on by an apparent “blind” surfer who says “sorry, I didn’t see you”.

And anyways... most all my spots are cam free to begin with

The majority of people who are still on this board are based in LB, the 2 primary LB cams are now behind pay walls. Has absolutely nothing to do with if you surf those spots specifically, but they are absolutely good indicators for most other LB spots.

I can't remember the last time we had offshore wind with this many days of long period swell in a row.

Since Saturday I've taken some beatings, pulled into a lot of close outs and dodged a lot of traffic, but with patience came some really great waves.

Crazy good price... Why is this still available   ???

Cause you need to be about 150lbs to surf it?

Boards I actually use.

Dan Mann Chum Lee 5'6" x 22" x 2 5/8" 38l
Inspired Deuces Wild Thumb 5'10" x 20 7/8" x 2 5/8" 36l
Inspired Wizard Thumb 6'1" x 19 5/8" x 2 1/2" 33l
Natures Shapes Step Up 6'6" x 19" x 2 3/8" 31l

I felt like 2011 was good. The contest was a fun way to kick off the season. I've heard tale of 2005 as well, but didn't live in the area.

The whole week of the contest was super fun, real size and easy roll-ins made for hero waves.


While the news continues to blame everything on "rip currents", saw a post on Project 11561 that the 2 guys were surfing and they ran into each other.  One guy got knocked out and drowned, the other was bleeding pretty badly and was able to make it back in.  Anyone know what the deal is? 

I was on kid duty last night so didn't get a chance to grab a few waves, but watched on the boardwalk with my daughter and it was a total kook fest.  In 20 minutes of watching I saw dudes going left and right into each other, multiple drop-ins on 1 wave, guys not holding on to their boards when duck diving . . .

Why does his 'Range Rover' keep being mentioned, he has a 2006 which on a good day is worth $8k private party and about $3500 if you wanted to trade it in.  We aren't talking about Lambo money here.

Got it last night, no thanks.

While in theory this is a cool idea as it's basically Waze for surfing; personalized metrics that provide insights and crowd sourced data that allows for better decision making . . .

This is surfing and all of us are territorial assholes who want misinformation so we can have a wave to ourselves.

I drove out on Sunday to see what the wave looked like after the winter, it's a brown trout show already. Suffolk dude bros and their massive trucks with UFO style light bars, the permit is for surfing or fishing, not trying to show off your overpriced "off-road" parts that will never see an actual off-road trail.

I have a pair of excels that I had to buy in Bali after cutting my feet up badly at Uluwatu.

I haven't worn them since and every time I cut my feet up on a reef I'm reminded I'm an idiot for not wearing them at times.

Is anyone else tired of the hype pictures from these accounts?