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If you're looking for some hate you've come to the right place.

I think the conspiracy with the most chance of being true  is that Jim Morrison faked his own death. I don't believe he did but if you were to list a ton of conspiracies out and tell me one was true - I'd place my money on this one. Known introvert, reason to do it is there (indecent exposure conviction in FL), only two people apparently saw his body (coroner and wife), enough money to pull it off.

Reasons why this isn't the case: Really freaking hard to do, especially when you're a celeb. He liked drugs...a lot.

I can only imagine the spike that occurs on Brooklyn-Queens Day.

Buy a foamie. Use it as a blocker if necessary. Also, who cares - due to the dredging there won't be another wave in Rockaway for years. It's pointless to even bring a board to the beach!

GREAT idea. Can't imagine how this wouldn't pass...

Fair play for taking it well, tdavid!

Like Seacliff (well I think it was him, I'm too lazy to check) said, just read read read about surfing. There's a lot of valuable information on this board and a lot of completely useless information too.

There are no waves after Memorial Day. Everyone knows that!

Aside from the overall winner - any predictions for a shocker? I'm still expecting the Ivory Coast to make a good run. Wouldn't be a huge shocker but....

And I promise I won't pee in it while trying it on.

Could I swing by this weekend to try it on?

If it fits - I'm in.

It's a spectrum. In Rock I think it's a bit like:

You've grown up there and surfed forever, you moved there and spent a few years establishing yourself in the community year-round and surf in the winter, you don't live there but you're out nearly every surfable day including winter (except probably a bit less  given the distance), then warm water surfers who are there most day - the more presence you have in the community the better, and the rest are on foamies or sporting a neckbeard with ther $2,000 custom board from Saturday's.

Cool - well if you're ever in rockaway and want to check it out feel free to shoot me a PM. Defo not so big that it doesn't work, especially as a summer board. In the same respect I don't want to trade you something that wouldn't work, nor give up a board I still really like haha.

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