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Just shocked and so sad to hear this. Hard to believe that I've known Tim for half my life. I still (hazily) remember Tim hanging back with me after the Hodeo while I sobered up for the drive home. Come to think of it, I think he was the first person to ever offer me a joint. I was a kid but he spoke to me like he would anyone else - he was frank, opinionated and his defiantly his own person. Years later, I moved onto his block in Rock and got to know him a bit more, watch him soften his exterior as he became a husband and father.

It was a pleasure to have known him and I hope he's now hanging ten on that great plimmatron in the sky. 

I mean what am I doing out there? What's the point?  ;)

And now I'm missing Sunset Cliffs! Defo did not take nearly as much advantage of them as I should have during the few months I had living in OB.

Glad you enjoyed, SC!

Who are these 5 people killed? At they wearing board shorts and booties? Maybe this isn't such a bad idea after all....

Who gives a crap about someone giving a crap about someone not giving a crap?

....considering I read all of this, I guess I do. But I also feel like I don't. Please advise.   :-\

The sunset alone made it worth it. Fun little waves too - I was just thrilled to surf a real wave for the first time in months.

Well this post worked out well for him, no?

Weather your a beginner looking to speed up your learning curve or a pro looking to improve performance, this seminar will give you a firm understanding of what works, what doesn't and why.

I trust you will not be providing a grammar training seminar.

I can already answer the "How high were my airs?" question with nearly 100% certainty.

Meh, after all the cash that they put in to renovate the shop and then to have to do it again less than a year later, I've got no problem with it. The shop still isn't fully back and, let's be honest, board rental is a cash cow so I'm fine with it if it means that it helps keep the shop open. Plus, it's not like Steve hasn't given enough of himself to the community...contrast that with a certain fellow up on 116 who, before Boarders, got every cent of surf related expenses on the peninsula.