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Just shocked and so sad to hear this. Hard to believe that I've known Tim for half my life. I still (hazily) remember Tim hanging back with me after the Hodeo while I sobered up for the drive home. Come to think of it, I think he was the first person to ever offer me a joint. I was a kid but he spoke to me like he would anyone else - he was frank, opinionated and his defiantly his own person. Years later, I moved onto his block in Rock and got to know him a bit more, watch him soften his exterior as he became a husband and father.

It was a pleasure to have known him and I hope he's now hanging ten on that great plimmatron in the sky. 

Sure that wasn't Cupso?

Tired of always being the guy, eh?  ;)

I got this, albeit a bit biased.

So I've worked in higher ed/ international higher ed for almost 10 years, have studied abroad myself and am happy to help.

A few options worth considering:
  • NUI Galway (Ireland) - I studied abroad here. GREAT people in a large town/small city right on the west coast of Ireland. You won't get warmth BUT the surf club is robust and are constantly hosting excursions all over Ireland. The damn Aran Islands block off all swell into Galway Bay but you're about 35 minutes away from surf in Fanore and driving a little bit further gets you into outstanding surf spots. A 4/3 booties, glove, hood is needed in winter. You want uncrowded, consistent waves? Cause you're going to get that. Do you like beer? Cause you're going to get a lot of that as well, if you want it. Some serious water-heads there so just join the surf club, make some friends that have a car and you'll be able to surf whenever you want.
  • NUI Cork or UCC (Ireland) - Same school, two different names. Slightly larger city but still manageable. You're on the south coast so it's a bit less consistent slightly barely warmer than Galway  but you'll still get waves. Strong surfer presence so join the surf club and befriend someone with a car. The school is about 30 minutes inland so there's a bit of a ride to surf but, like Galway, it's through the Irish countryside so it's not like it's much trouble.
  • St. Andrew's (Scotland) - Has a really strong academic reputation in the states. There is a beach in town, so yes, you can walk to waves. It's located in the North Sea so waves are a bit more fickle compared to the Atlantic but you'll get some. The school itself has a reputation for being posh but I'm sure you'd find all types as well. And yes, if you golf, you'll be right next to arguably the msot famous course in the world. (You could also look at unis in Aberdeen as well)
  • University of Plymouth (England) - in Devon on the SW of England. You're about 25 minutes from waves. Good surf culture and surfing. Academic reputation isnt as strong as St Andrew's but its still good. Plus I remember hearing they have some classes that have to do with surfing, could be wrong about that though.
  • Whatever uni is in Lisbon - I forget the name but Lisbon is my favorite European city. It's like a European San Francisco with outstanding surf a quick drive away (and warmer water than the former universities listed). I can't recall if they have any English language led courses but a lot of them tend to do. If I could live in one city and do nothing but walk around all day (especially if I could speak the language) it'd be Lisbon. Plus thing's are considerably cheaper.
  • Whatever the uni in San Sebastian/ Donostia is called - Again, not sure if they have classes in English but worth looking into. San Sebastian is very expensive for Spain, and relatively expensive for the whole of Europe. It's a beautiful city and you have waves directly in the city (plus the corniche is one of the prettiest beaches in any city). Oh and if you like lefts, there's a little place called Mundaka not too far away (and the town of Mundaka is just as cool).

Feel free to PM me if you've any questions.

I can't wait to post my new trick and challenge Slater with it. "....this is me dropping in on someone while kneeling on my soft top. @rockaway Beach, beat that Jimmy Slade!"

I know Mike and you probably won't come across a more genuine guy...ok, maybe Captain Goodvibes/SC would win out. ...but really, not an ounce of pretension about him.

I believe I even directed him to NYNJ at some point. He's good with a camera and I can guarantee not looking to exploit anyone. I'm happy to put my reputation (which is minimal) on the line for my previous statement as well.

While I'm biased I think it's a cool project coming from a good guy and at minimum you get a cool portrait of yourself (or a shitty one....don't eff this up, Mike).

Travel restrictions will soon be gone. It's a big ole island, albeit not in the best spot. Still, I've always wanted to go and figure if I do, bringing a board down there might be worth it for the experience.

Has anyone ever been?

I will gladly grab them.

I'm in Rockaway tomorrow night if you're around.

I can only presume Bacon does this with all his boards at one time or another.

Mundaka. There's an american guy that works at Hotel Mundaka that might be willing to rent you boards for a beat cheaper than the surf shop. Beautiful town too.

Also, across the river there's a cove, right before Elantxobe that can hold waves. West of Mundaka there's Bakio which has some surf too. It'd be worth a stop in Bermeo for some food...there's a big harbor there so you wont be surfing in town but it's a bit larger than the other places and has some great food.


Looks like someone is in marketing:

"What I love about this fiberglass 7S Super Fish surfboard is that it has a smooth rocker, custom step deck, and good buoyancy making it easy to ride, paddle and catch waves in 3' - 10' foot waves. "

I don't want that zebra rug, I need that zebra rug.

If your going to complain about me "working" for the company then leave the forum, your pointless posts are more annoying as spam than any company promo.

Yea everyone, if you're going to complain leave the forum. Surftee, member since 11/08/14, has spent too many hours working to make this website great and won't sit back and watch you ruin that!

Spoke to someone in the know with the construction side....

the thought goes IF they are able to complete the phase 1 of the project (Rippers to Caracas) the demo of the other part now would allow them to begin on phase 2 immediately.

Also, if they don't do it now they're worried about a work halt due to plovers thus delaying further.

Before you get all crazy on me -- I didn't say I'm happy with this. I'm just trying to give some more info from another perspective.

Check the North Shore point breaks, I heard Huntington area goes OFF.

Sad news.  Won't be seeing the likes of him again for a very long time.

And if you've never seen the movie Surfwise - go grab it off of netflix or something. Really well made and a rollercoaster of emotion!

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