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OK, it's a little rainy, and a little windy, and a little big, but not that bad. Winds probably won't get much lighter but at least they're north.
Any takers? I see none from my window. I hate being out alone on a day like this.

One large BR available in spacious, sunny 2 BR apartment on the Upper West Side. Roommate is very rarely around, only about once a week. The apartment is  one block from Whole Foods and also one block from the best Mexican food and margaritas in New York. Between Central and Riverside Parks. Apartment has a large terrace, free internet, cable, doorman, laundry. Friendly neighbors, quiet building. The bedroom has furniture if you need it: bed, desk, chair, dresser, bookshelf, and a large closet (with more storage available in the living area). Rent is $1100/month. PM if interested.

Hey, they say the economy's improving, but it's pretty slow, so...

My old but beloved car is beyond repair.  A critical part blew, and to make it go would cost more than the car is worth.

But: it still turns on, the heat and stereo and radio work, the seats recline, the windows go up and down, it's comfy and seats four if they're sitting up. Sleeps two.

It's centrally located in a convenient and discreet location right by the beach. Did I say 20 seconds from the surf break?

If anybody can't quite get their rent together next month, I'm willing to rent out the car for a very reasonable fee. By the month or whatever. I'm flexible. It's even available hourly for trysting. You know what I mean.  Or for a spot to warm up after those cold weather surf sessions.

I'll throw in a bunch of CDs for free so you'll have something to listen to while warming or trysting.

if I make enough money I'll eventually get it fixed or if I make enough, maybe a new car or a condo.

PM here if interested. Serious only please.

I'm leaving for California in a week. The first two days I will be staying right in Santa Cruz. After that, I have places to stay with friends in Oakland and Berkeley, but may want to surf SC some more.

My question is, how much time should I allow for traveling between Oakland/Berkeley and SC given the realities of traffic, etc.? What days/times of day should I avoid traveling to minimize traffic troubles?

Or should I just stick to San Francisco beaches?

Yeah, I know there's no waves in Buffalo. But I think there is a contingent of Buffalodians or former Buffalodians on this forum.

I will have a couple of days to kill in the fair city, anybody got suggestions for places to go/fun things to do?

Anybody know air/water temps for Santa Cruz CA this time of year? what suit should I bring, how bout boots/gloves/hood?

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Best/worst holiday songs
« on: December 27, 2008, 02:48:42 PM »
It's that time of year again---that is, when you can't escape the holiday music.

What are your nominees for best/worst/most annoying holiday songs?

Year after year, my absolute favorite is the Dreidel song from the South Park Christmas album. Yeah, it's a novelty song, but it's almost operatic, and what other holiday song can you dance to?

Honorable mention, or "most bizzarre" award, goes to "Christmas With My Penis." Sorry, don't know the artist, it's on a compliation someone put together with no notes. Anyone else heard it?

Absolute worst and most annoying song, in both concept and execution: "Merry Christmas Darling" by the Carpenters.

Just got back 2 wetsuits fixed by them, one under a year old and one considerably older.

What they couldn't repair, they replaced, such as putting on a whole new collar where mine was ripped, new zipper, etc.

And best of all....No charge!

O'Neill rocks!

They're calling it fair on Surfline today, but what do they know. The cam doesn't look that good. Anyone got a report?

Or 2007 movie, if you're illiterate.

Anyone have contact info for this R*ock surfer whose name begins with B?

I don't know if he's on this board.


Right now it's six pm and dark out. But the cam seems to be stuck in a time warp loop...endlessly replaying the same two minutes from this afternoon at 2:25, in which I am the only person in the water.

Very strange.

My winter suit has sprung a leak, a hole the size of a quarter where it ripped at the seam.

Is there anywhere local that repairs wetsuits? Or do I have to ship to O'Neill? It's less than a year old, but I no longer have the receipt.


I'm (somewhat)nearby with sporadic internet acess...

Can someone recommend the best/easiest to get to surf spot? Actually a reasonable compromise between the two would be good, since I am not familiar with the area and don't want to spend time getting lost. I will be driving from the north via Route 13. I would like to stop at the nearest viable spot after the bridge-tunnel.

Any other advice or tips welcome. Thanks.

For those who are up for it tonight, conditions are optimal.

The light over the water is beautiful, the water warm, and the surf gentle.

"Assembly Bill 4867 seeks to create medicinal cannabis program in New York.  Passage of this bill would ensure that patients who use cannabis under a doctor's supervision to treat life-threatening medical conditions receive legal protection under state law, while continuing to keep in place existing restrictions limiting the drug's use and abuse in non-medical settings."   (From a press release)

Our ROCKin Assemblymember is a Sponsor.

(Read the full text of the bill here:

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