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OK, it's a little rainy, and a little windy, and a little big, but not that bad. Winds probably won't get much lighter but at least they're north.
Any takers? I see none from my window. I hate being out alone on a day like this.

One large BR available in spacious, sunny 2 BR apartment on the Upper West Side. Roommate is very rarely around, only about once a week. The apartment is  one block from Whole Foods and also one block from the best Mexican food and margaritas in New York. Between Central and Riverside Parks. Apartment has a large terrace, free internet, cable, doorman, laundry. Friendly neighbors, quiet building. The bedroom has furniture if you need it: bed, desk, chair, dresser, bookshelf, and a large closet (with more storage available in the living area). Rent is $1100/month. PM if interested.

I made it out. Didja see, didja see?
I did not do more than that. I did not catch waves. I did not ride waves. I paddled for some and lost. I made it out, and I made it back in in one piece. And for that, I am truly stoked.
For those of you who saw me skunk off after my first wave, that was the one that knocked both of my contact lenses out, so I had to go put another pair in.
I did not give up. I made it out. I may not have belonged out there, but I wasn't afraid and was able to handle myself.

Sorry, everyone, but the place is no longer available. Thanks who all who replied/applied.

A certain ex-con will have to find other accommodations.

This is so horrible. And to think I was looking out my window at the waves as this was happening thinking Should I go out or Shouldn't I. It didn't look that big but I knew I would get worked and I just didn't feel like getting worked today. So I didn't.

Later I was wondering, why are there so few people in the water. I guess that was why. Who would want to surf if they knew someone had just drowned.

hey B94
I spoke to bj last night and he will be happy to give you $20 a month.  He will be back on the rock in less than 90 days and wants to have a place right away.

Sorry dude, I've got a strict rule of no smoking on the premises. But I'm sure he can stay with you. :)

did you pee in it?

I was waiting for that for quite a long time.

Once, like twenty years ago, this car was the height of luxury. Oh, to end its life as a sordid motel.

Because it is/was foreign parts are expensive.

What was, um, blown in the car, among other things, was the transmission.

Hey, they say the economy's improving, but it's pretty slow, so...

My old but beloved car is beyond repair.  A critical part blew, and to make it go would cost more than the car is worth.

But: it still turns on, the heat and stereo and radio work, the seats recline, the windows go up and down, it's comfy and seats four if they're sitting up. Sleeps two.

It's centrally located in a convenient and discreet location right by the beach. Did I say 20 seconds from the surf break?

If anybody can't quite get their rent together next month, I'm willing to rent out the car for a very reasonable fee. By the month or whatever. I'm flexible. It's even available hourly for trysting. You know what I mean.  Or for a spot to warm up after those cold weather surf sessions.

I'll throw in a bunch of CDs for free so you'll have something to listen to while warming or trysting.

if I make enough money I'll eventually get it fixed or if I make enough, maybe a new car or a condo.

PM here if interested. Serious only please.

Saw it last night. Really worthwhile. Has a short section filmed in Rockaway with some local surfers you may recognize.

I'm not only gonna go, I'm gonna get the T-shirt!

I used to be 2ft Wahine centuries ago because that was all the wave I could handle. Then I got my place in Rock and was so thrilled with it I named myself after my street. Then I moved to 92nd so should change it to B92 but I'm too lazy.

OK, thanks.

Now what wetsuit are people wearing there this time of year?

You should all read the new novel "Buffalo Lockjaw" by Greg Ames, set in the fair city. Full of local color. The author obviously has an enormous affection for his city (but now lives in Brooklyn).  I must confess I did not get that reference to the "Canadian Ballet" until I read the book.

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