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i purchased an apple watch w/cellular for my wife...but i'm def curious about one in the future for myself, maybe even while surfing.  obviously, rather be 100% focused on just the surf, but it would be nice to know if you had time or work concerns, you wouldn't have to think about them at would be alerted. 

and then there is the benefit of tracking your sesh once ur on the beach just relaxing.  also, what is the best app?  dawn patrol? surf tracking?  I'm a big fan of trace (just on my phone) for snowboarding, think could be a cool auxiliary benefit to an apple watch.

i know there are other watches out there for this...but just asking.  thanks.

my son barely used these wetsuits, made for fall/winter/spring temps, now they don't fit.  my loss is your gain.  peep the CL ad here:  with pics.

basically, both Quiksilver.  first, 5/4/3 full suit with hood, perfect late fall, winter, early spring. $80 and 4/3 full, no hood, $60  will be good someday soon.  someone say spring?? $120 for both.

both, youth size 10.  thanks for checking.  60% plus off retail for essentially brand new wetsuits.  worn like 3x max.  my sons 3/2 on the other hand, is a freebie...but already spoken for.

Joe Blair Big Guy High Performance 7'8 x 24 x 3.5 Joe Blair custom quad fins included - ride a short board again...paddles like a dream, fast, make it out of a barrel or steep section before the waves closes out. excellent condition, water tight...a few pro repaired dings.

Won't find a board with this much volume off the rack.  Joe knows how to shape for bigger, stronger surfers.  for 200lbs guys or bigger only.


Chris Christenson - 10.4 x22.75ish x 3ish fish simmons glider, quad fin...all glassed on - excellent - catch every wave...down the line..with speed...make every section. not an everyday board. ride, 2ft-10ft in offshore, lined up, fast surf. $875 (new $1400)[/size]Located in Montauk and/or NYC...and deliver anywhere in between if negotiated.
Check out NY Craigslist ad with pics: me up with questions.

2 boards for sale:

4'2 Roberts El Tormentor (eps, wider and shorter, my son absolutely loved this board) but out growing up fast.  can be ridden as a tri or quad...futures. $250 with tri set up (dane reynolds creatures $100 plus fins) and a rear quad set (2)

4'10 AJW Mr Clean, poly, thruster futures. $250 (creatures as well, smalls, glass) very good to excellent condition. PM for pics...both located in eastern LI, but can go anywhere from NYC - MTK


sorry in advance for the SUP post.  I bought this used, in near mint condition, last year thinking i would SUP surf a bit more, but honestly, i just don't like surfing with a paddle.  I have nothing against anyone that SUP surfs, only some of the people that SUP surf, like anyone in the lineup.   I have a couple of SUP's that are huge, that i love for Flat water (i've done MTK to Block and around the city with them) so i got this board thinking i would give it a go and SUP surf.  just never took with me.  The board still in excellent condition, typical paddle scratches, no dings.  Pics will be taken soon.  below are some links i found for the board, including Mark Richards take on it and a outsider review.  It is from C4, a top producer of SUP's and the build quality is excellent.  I have it set up as a tri fin 2+1, but it can be ridden as a twin or quad (i have extra fins, plastic though) as well. I has a tail and deck pad and i can throw in a leash as well.   It is a beautiful board, and if you are a fan of Mark Richards, who is not, it looks exactly as pictured, like a blown up twin fin.

asking for $750.  please let me know if you have any questions...thanks.

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I have a near mint 5 fin Russ Short bonzer.  This board can handle anything.  might be big for most, but if it fits you, this board is the real deal.  Shaped and signed by Malcom...with his infamous Peace plus the dimesions 6'10x21x3.  Still cleaning out the shed.  Making room for some boards i've recently obtained for myself and my grom.  This one located out East.  Will bring back to the city this weekend ONLY for a definite sale.  No tire kickers.  $575.  Same story, sells this week or gets stored for the winter.  thanks for looking.

check out my CL ad:

perfect MTK board or longboard for those small days.  don't want to spend $1000+ for the latest kookbox or joel tudor, well, hank shapes for them.  this is his label.  he also shaped for channin and greg noll, amongst others i don't remember off hand.  i loved this board, but have others i use more now.  needs to be surfed and its taking up board space for some new boards i've recently obtained.  has to go.  $450  this one is his classic noseriderS.  shape look familar? should...its been copied by every shaper, including Hank since the beginning of time.  I liked that this one is a bit wider and thicker than most off the rack boards.  23.5x3.25 it was a custom shape for the person i bought it from back in 2004.  it was shaped in 2002.  check out my CL ad:

board is in MTK now.  can bring up island or to the city for serious interest only.  if it doesn't sell, i'll keep it and decide what to do in the spring/summer.  thanks.

potentially may let go a couple of Tudor's not getting any water time.  both are pretty damn near mint, save for the usual heel dents from minimal use.

first, 8.0 DTE - diamond tail egg, single fin (8.5' tudor island) prob measures up around 22ishx2.75/3  from the current tudor website:  "Retro single fin egg. All are 70s era fun boards. Low rockers, more volume for waves from chest high to double overhead surf. Very responsive gliders"  this one i'm not sure who shaped it, maybe stu kenson.  it has a serial # and length written on the stringer.  about 10-15 years OG tudor.

next, 6.5 tudor rabbit...single fin (8" tudor island) also around 21ishx2.75/3.  from the current tudor website:  "70s era fun board. Low rocker, more volume for waves from chest high to double overhead surf"  this one was shaped by Tom Eberly, who created the OG rabbit for lightening bolt...or something to that effect.  the real deal...prob about 10-15 years old, an OG tudor.

both great boards as a step down from longboards in good surf, like we had in recent weeks. 

both boards are super rare, hardly ever for sale in this condition or for sale ever!

not giving them son begging me not to sell them:)  for pics and serious inquiries, no tire kickers please...will consider trades.  interested in josh hall gliders.  PM me w/ur cell #, just easier to send pics that way...thx

looking for real Grom boards.  under 5ft, ideal 4'6 for my 8yr old.  just picked up a 4'10 ajw mr clean, and we both, me watching and him surfing, noticed a huge difference in his surfing vs the other short boards, ranging from 5'2-6'3 that he has been on.  the big difference was that the longer boards are all basically adult short boards, and the 5'2 was made for a female pro surfer, which he favors over the others...until this new 4'10. which is like 17 wide and 1.9thick...thx

just wanted to hear some peoples thought or something that is usually not given much thought.  i need to buy a couple of new leashes for some different size baords and the ones i have are so old anyway.  i either go sans leash or have been a dakine guy forever, using both calf and ankle.

so, if you wear a leash or if you don't (what conditions warrant you not wearing or deciding to wear if you usually don't)


1. favorite brand?
2.  ankle or calf and why?
3. anyone try the hex shape leashes from channel islands?
4.  in bigger surf, 2x oh or more? do you go much longer than usual? ie, 7ft board, then use a 9ft leash?

thx..just a little bored today

great read...check it out & check out the Kickstarter campaign for the MTK Surf and share...thx

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