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Surfboards - Channel Islands 4'11-5'4 Grom Shortboards - $123 (MONTAUK)


craigslist - Map data [/color]OpenStreetMap[/size][size=inherit]My groms have grown so quick. I have several boards to sell.

*SOLD* 4'11 Channel Islands Rook 15 - shaped custom for and surfed by future world champ? Jett Shilling - $300

5.0 Channel Islands Fever -stock dims - basically new. one small, well repaired ding.

*SOLD* 5'2 Bill Johnson Shapes - Module - shaped custom for professional surfer Quincy Davis, great board, groveler, bit wider - $300

5'2 CI Rook 15 - custom, team light glass, slightly wider, and thinner than sock dims $250

5'2 CI Sampler (basically new!) - stock dims - $300

5'3 custom Fever, with team light glass, basically $800 board including fins, $300, excellent shape. and maybe a 5'4 Rook 15. $350

*SOLD* 5'4 CI Fever - stock dims $350

all boards come with fins & pad

Great boards, retail as shown for $500-700 board, pad, fins, leash...more than 50-75% off here. will sell boards alone as well Try to buy these boards new now, NOT AVAILANLE Channel Islands completely out of stock.

DM me for info/pics

Also, have wetsuits, booties, gloves, assorted stuff gear for groms. Thrown in for free or really cheap!!

bump, still have boards under 5'4 available...can't find anywhere, priced to sell.  boards in Montauk, but i drive the Island once or twice a month, deliver anywhere. 

3 groms grown up...still have these 3 available, but 5'3 fever, 5'4 fever, both near new, unavailable from Channel Islands now, and when they do become available, maybe in the fall, will be close to $700 new with fins.

DM for more pics and details.

My groms have grown so quick.  I have several boards to sell.

4'11 Channel Islands Rook 15 - shaped custom for and surfed by future world champ?  Jett Shilling

5.0 Channel Island Fever - stock Fever, basically new.  one small, well repaired ding.  I got this, and he basically went to a 5'2 & 5'4 and never really surfed it

5'2 Bill Johnson Shapes - Module - shaped custom for Quincy Davis, great board, groveler, bit wider.

DM for pics and details

all boards can come with fins.  Futures John Johns in small for the CI boards and FCS for the BJS, all have pads, and can include a size appropriate leash for at least 1 or 2 of them

Great boards, retail as shown for $500-700 board, pad, fins, leash...more than 50% + off here.  will sell boards alone as well

Potentially have 5'2 CI Rook 15 & 5'2 CI Sampler (basically new!) as well...hit me up.

With that Saturday forecast, WSL might've struck gold twice in LB. Wonder if they'll try to squeeze most of it in on Saturday--finals on Sunday? Or a wild day on Friday, then finals on Saturday?

How many days does it take to run the Longboard contest? Two? Threeeeee?
my question too...depends on the waves and how many/how long the heats run for.  i think there are 4 man heats? anyone know? my crude math adds up to about 12-15hours of heats 2, maybe 3 days max


found another, basically brand new...hurley fusion 2/2 shortie, black, perfect.  boys size 10.  retails for $130 plus tax, etc...selling for $50 or best offer.

i purchased an apple watch w/cellular for my wife...but i'm def curious about one in the future for myself, maybe even while surfing.  obviously, rather be 100% focused on just the surf, but it would be nice to know if you had time or work concerns, you wouldn't have to think about them at would be alerted. 

and then there is the benefit of tracking your sesh once ur on the beach just relaxing.  also, what is the best app?  dawn patrol? surf tracking?  I'm a big fan of trace (just on my phone) for snowboarding, think could be a cool auxiliary benefit to an apple watch.

i know there are other watches out there for this...but just asking.  thanks.

9 kids surf anymore??

my son barely used these wetsuits, made for fall/winter/spring temps, now they don't fit.  my loss is your gain.  peep the CL ad here:  with pics.

basically, both Quiksilver.  first, 5/4/3 full suit with hood, perfect late fall, winter, early spring. $80 and 4/3 full, no hood, $60  will be good someday soon.  someone say spring?? $120 for both.

both, youth size 10.  thanks for checking.  60% plus off retail for essentially brand new wetsuits.  worn like 3x max.  my sons 3/2 on the other hand, is a freebie...but already spoken for.

accupuncture..worked better than any P/T for me.  swimming..or more, exercises in water.  changing my surf be more forward and less to teh side and over the top...all worked.

i dislocated my shoulder for the first time in my life in feb 2016 resulting in a torn labrum.  no fix for that other than surgery.  i didn't want to do surgery, so i did the above. was surfing by memorial day full on...been surfing ever since...2 years almost...would say 90%, sometimes it hurts, i limit my sessions to 1 hour, still can be 5 hours or more in a day...but no more marathon sessions...unless its epic...did a few 3 hours hurricane sessions...but i felt it the next day...i ice if i feel pain.

i'm 50.  had rotator cuff surgery when i was 30...didn't know any better, but it worked. so two routes for you there.  i can recommend surgeons and acupuncture guys if you need.


New ad...only board left to sell...sold 7 different boards to 6 very stoked surfers...all water tight, in excellent condition...ready to surf.  this is the most amazing one of the lot...unreal no one has stepped up.  is the price too high? not an everyday rider...but if you had it out this weekend in a cove out east or an outer bar upisland...those waves will stay with you for months...absolutely epic on the right swells...2ft-10ft...enjoy!

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