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the real world doesn't have to be so bleak.  find a partner that shares your passions and get your kids into them too.  kids don't look at skating, surfing, snowboarding, like they might baseball, football, basketball, which is all i had growing up.  standing sideways is cool, healthy, stoke fulfilling.  i played baseball my whole life, with professional aspirations...and i don't ever see enrolling my kid in little league, soccer, lacrosse or whatever...if they want to do that, i suppose i will support it..but doubtful.   and for the record, i've actually signed them up for soccer and baseball, they gave it a shot...they would rather stand sideways, we all would...perhaps because i'm in the lineup rather than on the sidelines...on the chairlift, rather than in a dugout...skating alongside them, rather than coaching...stay young.  working a real job only means you lose flexibility..not your passion. you have 104 weekend days, 10 or so holidays, and usually 4-5 weeks of vacation time...use them wisely...and u'll find that you might spend more time on a board then the jobless me! u may have to surf some pretty bad days, but be open to ride all types of boards...enjoy!

On a positive note, surfing has finally achieved uncool status.
finally, just like snowboarding...apparently everyone is going back to skiing.  maybe body boarding will get huge.  makes more sense for urban surfers without cars and storage.

or take up kite surfing...doesn't get much cooler than that...of jet packs..or anything else..

please let this be true!

if this is anything like his outerknown brand, it will not be accessible to most surfers.  though, from the looks of it, outerknown has to be struggling for an audience.  i got an email basically giving me 40% off & here we are a week before christmas?  even at 40% off, his prices are outrageous and he is totally missing the market that would support him.  lets hope outerknown gives him a huge dose of reality...and a wave like this becomes an "accessory" or a training ground when the real surf is flat.  personally, something like this in the NY/LI/NJ area would be an amazing resource...a novelty and no substitute for the real thing...but a great place to hone practical wave riding skills without being subject to swell & wind direction, crowds, etc.

the big concern is that is NOT a beach replenishment or dune restoration project.  it is basically a shore hardening seawall that will eventually destroy the beach and enhance erosion on both sides of the town.  they are currently destroying real, natural dunes to make this wall of sand bags.  this type of shore defense has a bad track record to say the least and it will look horrible..and the taxpayers, US, will be responsible for maintaining the 3 ft of sand covering the wall.  3ft!  my 6yr old daughter digs holes with a plastic shovel deeper than that!  its a travesty.  would never expect this in the town of east hampton! in no time at all, the high tide line will go up directly to the seawall of sandbags...outrageous!

i went last night with my 8yr old, we skated it and it was awesome!  i bucked up for the monthly to support the cause.   this is an amazingly well built, well designed track, just super stoked on it.  the monthly rate will come down to about $70 & $30 next week and they will be offering cheap day rates too.  if you can't support it, don't go.  super lucky to have this resource in NYC, nothing like it in the USA right now.  btw - we both skate, so the asphalt thing rocks, nothing against the dirt track, my son did that too when it existed.  i think this will be a $10/$5 visit going fwd as well. 

more info:

too many to count...and now my 7yr old has his own least 6 dedicated to hopefully his sister will start stepping into them like she has with his snowboards

great read...check it out & check out the Kickstarter campaign for the MTK Surf and share...thx

another sighted.

this is their favorite time of year in our area, they are always around, but it seems mid/late june - early july, they get closer inshore.

started the day in a 3/2 with 3mm boots and gloves, and rash guard shorts/shirt, with a detachable 3mm hood for dawn patrol, shed the hood after an hour, then the gloves after another hour for a 4.5 hour sesh...epic.  dwon to just the 3/2 sans all else rest of day.  done with booties and gloves for the season now

this was east, warmer i'm sure west

snowboarding on the east coast is exactly like surfing here...gotta know when and where to go.  if you know, you score, bottom line.  had amazing snow in VT all weekend, as good as anywhere in the world.  just like we had epic surf here, as good as anywhere, just not in trunks:)  all good, stoked for everyone that scored.  i've surfed several blizzards because i couldn't get up north, it is a special feeling. 

i read this stuff and, seriously, most of you have no idea.  makes me happy.  really, ditch does suck, no reason to ever go back...especially with disgruntled locals, stupid prices, hipsters clogging the lineup, blah, blah, blah...


same old story. hipsters don't think they need to pay their dues. locals and better surfers need to educate them to understand that dropping in is different from sharing. there is a reason for code amongst surfers. doesn't matter ur Ability. nothing to do with it. speak up everyone. educate.

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