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For sale is a Russ Short 6'6 20.5 2 7/8ths. Rare to find a 5 fin the RS model, very groovy but sensitive stick.
Love this board and may regret it but I have another stick on the way, and this didn't get much play last year. Buyers market out there I got bills to pay and a custom on the way. One repaired ding on the deck from a wetsuit zipper (see pic).
500$ with 6.5"  true ames bonzer fin and canvas sock

Have an MR FCS twin trailer set. Looking for some futures if anyones holding?
Fins are still in case....pretty sure they are 9/10 condition- one point taken off for taking them put the parking lot aka used once....

Might regret this, but lately this board has not been getting much spin so I have to make room. This was my winter stick for a few years, surfed in everything 2' to 6 plus' / San Diego to Soup Bowls and very well taken care of, trusty keel fish.

5'10 x 21 x 2 15/16 but finely foiled with a fair amount of rocker.
Gloss polish - the works, fairly heavy glass job, so great winter board for howling offshores, winter chub, or small wave magnet.
Fins by Clowes, and in 10/10 condition.
Leash Loop 10/10 solid not cracked
Overall board is an 8/10 has that one dent near nose from the board hitting a fence when loading into car. It's watertight - $420 takes it. FIRM price.
PM and I can text more images.
Board is in Brooklyn.

Who's holding photos from Friday? Particularly that far north point- you know the one...
Saw a lot of photographers, absolutely pumping surf but no photos yet.

Anyone holding an RNF, the 90's style one. Not as interested in the new fangled one with bump in the tail- looking for the OG pulled in tail with 3hruster setup / twin plus trailer. 5'7ish but will entertain other sizes in the range....

You've probably seen it in LB, NJ, RI, MTK- very reliable and gets around. Fit the quiv in the back and still have room to change inside in the winter. Just enough room for a 9'6, back doors to doghouse. I got a new short body van project to start so I'd like this to find a good home. Inside is fully built out, floors, racks, shelves for fins. Has hammock hookup and curtains for getting creepy. Runs great, but could use some body work (if you actually care!)
Text me VIA craigslist or message me on here and reply with your phone for a faster response.
Thanks for looking.

Last years model.
Removable hood.

Used less than 10 times.
100$ located in Brooklyn.

Anyone been? Be down there for a few days next month....not a surf trip per say, but will have a few windows and hoping to score.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Anyone have any used FCS twins? FCS keels?
Looking for a used price, don't need a 10/10, just something for my foamie for the summertime blues.
LB or Rockapulco por favor.

Fun ride, too much overlap in the quiv. Originally bought on NYNJSURF, rode maybe 4 times since then. Yup-I got barreled then I peed on it.

Hi Fellas.
I have two stripped screws in the Lokbox quad I have. They ain't budging. I bought the board used and never thought to look at the screws. I rode the board for a month, loved it- but when I went to pop the front fins out before a trip they would not budge! >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(  I'm looking to make this one of my travel boards.
I tried WD, Liquid Wrench, but no avail.
Tap bit?- Risky.

Has anyone successfully gotten a seized flat head Lokbox screw out?

Hi Folks,
I am looking for some commercial space to rent for my painting business.
Ideally a large garage as I am currently in one, but open to other warehouse options as well.

Might be a bit of long shot, but keep your ears and eyes peeled for me.

Much appreciated-


I've used xcel over the years, but find they barely last me a season.
Curious to know what brand you all have tried and tested?


Transition Era, S-deck Tripple Stringer. Single Fin. Insane Airbrush job.
Cherry it is not, but it goes, and you will likely not find a piece of surfing history for this price elsewhere. A good restoration project that could fetch top dollar, or don't be a kook and just surf the damn thing.  :P

According to this PDF I found online (below) This logo was used on the DNT series from 1969-1972.

DNT is Dewey Nat (Young) Tabeling (Mike RIP). Some of these boards were shaped by Nat Young, but I never got around to figuring that out.
Looking for 350$ (OBO) or an interesting trade.

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