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$420 no fin no sock.

450 without fin and sock.
Could also be tempted for trades:
-Midlegnth 6'6-7'6 Eggs, Single Fins
-Full Outline fishes below 5'10
-Maybe a mini simmons


For sale is a Russ Short 6'6 20.5 2 7/8ths. Rare to find a 5 fin the RS model, very groovy but sensitive stick.
Love this board and may regret it but I have another stick on the way, and this didn't get much play last year. Buyers market out there I got bills to pay and a custom on the way. One repaired ding on the deck from a wetsuit zipper (see pic).
500$ with 6.5"  true ames bonzer fin and canvas sock

I have a 6'6 CB that is not an egg but a 5 fin russ short template. That being said it is almost 3" thick....thing absolutely rips and paddles really well being how thick it is. Not sure I want to sell- but could be open to trades. Let me know what your working with?

These are the original FCS not the FCS2

Have an MR FCS twin trailer set. Looking for some futures if anyones holding?
Fins are still in case....pretty sure they are 9/10 condition- one point taken off for taking them put the parking lot aka used once....

Surfs great. Need to make room for some new sticks

Might regret this, but lately this board has not been getting much spin so I have to make room. This was my winter stick for a few years, surfed in everything 2' to 6 plus' / San Diego to Soup Bowls and very well taken care of, trusty keel fish.

5'10 x 21 x 2 15/16 but finely foiled with a fair amount of rocker.
Gloss polish - the works, fairly heavy glass job, so great winter board for howling offshores, winter chub, or small wave magnet.
Fins by Clowes, and in 10/10 condition.
Leash Loop 10/10 solid not cracked
Overall board is an 8/10 has that one dent near nose from the board hitting a fence when loading into car. It's watertight - $420 takes it. FIRM price.
PM and I can text more images.
Board is in Brooklyn.


Johnny is that you???? ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

You will not be disappointed. That one in RI looks mental- I have a very similar 6'6, but indeed the bonzer 5 with that volume forward is rare bird that goes absolutley mental i steep waves. Groove, flow and precession when needed...

Who's holding photos from Friday? Particularly that far north point- you know the one...
Saw a lot of photographers, absolutely pumping surf but no photos yet.

What is the cost?
Also- keep em coming....

DM me, any suit you need for the winter....25% off
Sounds Shady AF, DM sent!

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