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Crackie should buy it so I can borrow it..


You have to post a screenshot or something. The one CL post has expired already...

--so says Uncle

And that has to be a SUP pad!! Hahahaha!

Uncle here,

I got home about 8:30pm and was able to sneak out for 4 waves. It was "surfing", but not epic. BUT!!! I can only ever surf after work a week on either side of the summer solstice, so last night WAS epic..

That is all...

I was at the meeting.  The designated beaches in 2015 were B67-69 and the longtime area we know.  For 2016, original existing remains, and other surf beaches will be B68-71 and also B110-111.  This was announced by Parks.  There will be additional beaches this summer open for swimming w/ guards, but that was always the plan.  So, for the 60s, the footprint increased slightly & moved west a block -- and there was the addition of 110-111.  Nothing else changed. 

thinking about this (since my boards are in relatively uninsulated spot summer & winter) -- I'm thinking (hoping) that cold boards into cold air & water is better than from warm apartment, warm car, into freezing air & water.  Imagine that fluctuations are worse than gradual hot/hot or cold/cold.

TSA is more understaffed than the Rockaway CVS.
absolute gem.  carry on...

oh don't worry -- the two chicks up on the beach this morning weren't going surfing.  they were just all suited up with boards getting filmed looking like they were going surfing - running down the beach, staring out at the waves as the snow swirled by.  BLECH.

A new one beats an old one.  Was feeling unusually cold in the water last weekend, when my husband reminded me that I had a new unworn suit in the basement - bought last spring - that I'd completely forgotten about as it was purchased so late in the season...  Yay!

hell yes.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  xo

Hey Uncle, do you still have that red mini Simmons?

I do not have it, but I could get it back most likely. Do you want it back?

Uncle here....

Thats a sweet looking little board. Good Project!! You should see some of the monsters I've fixed up!

The Rockaway to Long Beach Surf Connection / Re: Ockaway !
« on: February 17, 2015, 03:10:08 PM »
Just hope the materials hold up (condition of concrete & surface elements -- of course, the supports are massive).  Exhibit A: ramps by concessions -- razor sharp glass now protruding up from and flaking out of the concrete in many spots.  (people told me about this -- but was still shocked this morning to pick up a bunch of loose/super sharp pieces off the ramp -- I guess as concrete erodes the glass is just working its way out)  Looks like sealing/resurfacing already needed to keep that safe.  As I've gotta believe the intended lifespan before elements fail is longer than 2 years, I  hope they've begun to choose materials at least accounting for salt, sun, snow, ice, bikes, barefeet, flipflops.

The Rockaway to Long Beach Surf Connection / Re: Ockaway !
« on: February 14, 2015, 10:24:09 AM »
Am I crazy or how does a 3 mile Boardwalk just a little ways west cost $480 million when the long beach 2.2 mile Boardwalk cost $40 million. Is the last .8 miles made of gold?

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The City of Long Beach did not require study upon study to determine the what needed to be built.  The City of Long Beach did not decide to remove all of the support structure that had been holding up the boardwalk for 75 years.  The City of Long Beach did not decide to rebuild the boardwalk with new and untested structures. The City of Long Beach simply replaced their boardwalk.  The City of Long Beach had their boardwalk back in place on the first anniversary of Hurricane (NOT superstorm) Sandy.  New York City did not have a completed plan in place on the 2nd anniversary. 
the above underlined is what worries me.  two years in, the concrete is spalling around the concessions & ramps in Rock.  the lifeguard shacks started falling apart the moment they went up.  Tons of the new material is rusting (railings, benches - and I don't think that's the intended look). I fear what it's all gonna look like 5 years in, and the expense & ongoing effort it's going to take to fix & maintain since they seem to have used marine-grade nothing. 

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