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The Rockaway to Long Beach Surf Connection / Re: Rockaway Boardwalk
« on: November 30, 2012, 12:59:07 AM »
it makes me sad that the people largely responsible for the beach in Rock (parks) seem to have so little understanding of beaches & how they work.  god, we need someone to step up with real vision and a glancing understanding of beach/ocean environments.  Almost wish they'd have to present design concepts, like any other big project.  What an opportunity to take a step back & consider how different spaces are being used, etc.  I love the concessions as much as anyone...but those could be 'anywhere' around shorefront -- pavilion type things.  The beach is the beach.  How cool would it be to have some giant planted dunes & meandering bike paths -- that's my vote.  "Concrete barrier" doesn't feel like the way, if we want any beach at all.  We won't be happy until we 'pave every inch' and I'm convinced that's contributed to this whole mess...

that is awesome - PoppaGB & the others - just the best.  proud to call them neighbors & friends...nothing else to say...amazing how individual communities have pulled together, but not surprising.  the beach & surf are just part of the draw --- the community is the real reason we're here.

Happy bday to one of the best!!!!  Without a doubt.

guarantee the post-Labor-Day-not-on-a-weekend crowd is easier to digest.  for me, any like/dislike falls into only two categories: are you a good neighbor, or a bad neighbor.  on this, most of the 'hipsters' fall on the side of favor.  the summer weekend spectacle has been something to see...oh, the antics, the fashions, the physiques.  gimme an unironic mustache anyday.  there's enough to really hate...the hipsters don't rate.

anyone taking one of these 'lessons' should ask his/her instructor to demonstrate catching & riding a wave.  something to be learned by watching for sure (certainly who's legit & who's out to make a buck off folks who don't know any better).

also call 311 with specifics, get a complaint number, and pass that info to your local Council Member's office -- follow up there.  if anyone's fed up, as many are, make calls/send emails.  RB specific: there's slated (in roughly 30 days) a CB 14 meeting devoted to hearing from public on beach/boardwalk issues.  keep your eyes open for more info. (there's also 100 Pct Comm Council meeting tonight -- final one for summer).  anyone wants details, PM me. 

Yet another untapped marketing point for chest zip wetties.   ;D
I can see myself on the late night informercial: "has THIS ever happened to you...?" (as mishap plays on loop in a Marcia Brady 'oh my nose' moment)

i will never do that again I will jump off even if I want to ride to brooklyn i must jump off lol
actually do not jump off -- sit down on your board, grab the rail, whatever, but HANG ONTO IT.  Even if there aren't others around, board might kick back at you & you won't have anywhere to duck if it's that shallow.  Sorry about your fin.