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A new one beats an old one.  Was feeling unusually cold in the water last weekend, when my husband reminded me that I had a new unworn suit in the basement - bought last spring - that I'd completely forgotten about as it was purchased so late in the season...  Yay!

can't even imagine what it feels like when you know you're going to make it... or when you're not

hey guys --

For anyone who wants to come out, ROCKAWAY BEACH CIVIC ASSOCIATION is organizing a beach clean up on Saturday, Sept 27 from 9:00-11:30am.  Meet at concession at Beach 86th at 9am.  The clean-up will focus from Beach 108th-Beach 73rd (RBCA borders).  Depending on # of volunteers, we'll head out east & west from 86th.

Rain date: Sun, Sept 28.

thanks for taking a look!  Please feel free to write/PM with questions, or for more.

NYCWO gets snaked a lot. Bacon also. But after that, I try to keep it in the family, I.E. dropping in on my wife, or any relative I am in the water with.
Honesty is admirable.  This thread has revealed not only snakes, but liars as well!

time to dust off the rollerblades :(
damn -- would you believe I had a pair lying around, but what garage sales didn't take, Sandy did. 

ugh - I accidentally closed the window & now I have to watch the Alana wetsuit commercial again...

One of the last TSJs had a good article about how Hobie and clark invented the proper polyurathane blank. Clark says it was all Hobie. 

This is Uncle!! btw.

The NY NJ Surf Garden Center / Re: Life
« on: April 05, 2013, 08:40:43 AM »
PTSD -- thank you for sharing - you don't know how good this sounds.  We're about to go nuts planting -- giant grasses (hopefully) as privacy screen -- maybe some big hollies in the yard -- going for year-round color & plants that offer habitat/winter food for the critters.  I want a plant cocoon to sit in this summer -- your garden has been huge inspiration.

no, it's not a mistake, I really am posting in here.
Uncle & I ran the St. Pat's 5k today.  Fun, especially with a guiness waiting at the finish.
3.1 + 3.1


Love the philosophy in the vid -- but because there's always more to the story, I'd be curious to hear what other factors may have contributed -- what beaches naturally 'get' sand in storms...which beaches lose them, etc.  I'm all for dunes/planting.  I love when people say 'but the storm washed the dune away.'  Doesn't that mean it did its job & saved your house? (that was my impression of how they work...then they need to be rebuilt/replanted a bit)  The other problem with where I live: they want every bit of beachfront paved as a playground & then holler about protection.  My understanding is you really can't have both -- you might have to give something up.

while homeownership is just about the most un-luxurious thing I've ever done, it made financial sense after 15yrs getting priced out of apartment after apartment, neighborhood after neighborhood.  trying to do it anywhere near nyc, it's been less about 'having the money' than 'prioritizing where any money goes.'  it is a choice, but I wouldn't call it a luxury.   

If you end your surf addiction by too much cold turkey, the sacrifices made to be near surf don't seem worth it.  Freezing is optional as well, it's all about choices and trade offs.  I gave myself a few years off before i make any radical life changes....
I don't know -- for me, it's 'living by the water' or 'NOT living by the water' -- that's the choice.  Even without surf, I think living by water is something that's good for me.  yes, I'm even saying that post-Sandy.  most of the time, laying eyes on the water is good enough for me.  surf would be nice.