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Looking for 2-3 board bag/coffin on Long Island. thanks!

Guess I can't delete?

Found a 5'7 BF.
Bring on the knee high shreds!

Anyone got one they wanna offload?

In great shape.  Only selling since I bought the TB3 version.

Captain Fin CF especial twin +1-$45 -sold
Captain Fin Chippa Wilson/NPJ twin+1-$45(sold)
AMT alpha twin+1 -$40 sold
Controllers quad-$50-sold

That 2x4 is tempting. Is it 19.25 or 19.5? looks like .25 in pic

I sold that last Nov. check pm

They just have the technobutter firewall.

No idea bout Hyperflex but I got a 4/3 Mutant after moving here from south Florida.  Last winter was my first winter here and I've worn it in low 40's water temp no problem.  It's a great suit. Very warm and flexible.  First time I surfed in it I couldn't believe how dry I was. If you can only have one suit that's what I'd get. 
I also ordered a Xcel Infiniti hooded 4/3 for a steal and it was thicker and not as stretchy compared to the Mutant.  I sold it unworn.

Xcel X2 TDC 4/3 Hooded wetsuit LT Brand New never worn. Make an offer.  Babylon 5616034672

5'8 Lost Bottom Feeder in Hydroflex.  $275 34L In great shape. Has a couple pressures but not even a footwell yet. Bought used off a guy to try and figure sizing out. Too much volume for me. Open to trades for a RNF. Fins in pic not included.5616034672

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