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Great deal on a surfboard with bag from a famous Santa Cruz based shaper. This board belonged to a friend who stashed it with me then quit surfing. It's a Fun Gun shape, excellent for an easy winter paddler or for a beginner surfer looking to move towards a short board.

Full dims: 7'10 x 21 x 2 3/4

Plenty of nose rocker for steep drops but wide and thick for stability and easy paddling. Really fun in surf thats stomach high or bigger.

Comes with dakine bag that is in excellent shape and leash. Come and get it in Brooklyn.

dims? price?

Isurus for the winter suit. Best 5/4 I've owned.

Between the cold, shitty waves, claustrophobia in a hood, is it even worth surfing in the winter?

nope. not worth surfing.

thats a sick deal at 350... I know Im in the back of the line now, but if it doesnt move by Saturday and you want it gone I will come pick it up (if you're on LI)

you just made the list

no hits at $425. Drop the price to $350 and I can't keep up with the pms...

final price bump $350.

Seaside gets good. Cannon beach can also get good there. Bring your rubber-- water is stays cold in OR.

price drop - $575

RE-Dick-U-lus that this is still available. Selling rad boards on the East Coast is the Worst.

Anyone around there should Well know who Joe Falcone is. I'm in New England and am way aware of his stuff. Here-

Now, anyone who doesn't know who Andrew Kidman is? Close friend of Skip Frye, Derek Hynd, and all around great surfer, shaper and artist. He makes a channel bottom single that is Mind blowing.
Keel fish wise Andrew is famous for his custom Lakers Fish from Skip Frye that has been reviewed and studied a Ton. He had an updated version made which went even Better. Go research it.

InnerViews - Andrew Kidman  go to 3:00 to see it fly

Now, combine the knowledge of a top notch local shaper who knows the waves and conditions here plus makes mad rad boards and Andrew Kidman with Everything he brings to the table, most importantly a love and intimate understanding of Skip Frye fish? Dude...if this is even remotely in your size, you're not going to find a better Keel fish.

And for $425?!

I think it costs that much just to walk into Pilgrim and take 3 full breaths of air.
Someone score This!!!

I'd grab it but it's too big for me. I will go on a blender liquid diet of KFC and Dunkin Donuts if it stays up here much longer though.


bump again. so crazy you guys aren't picking this up. i see yellowed CI boards moving for this price.... get yourself a quality fish in amazing condition for less than half of what it would cost you new.

Price bump. Now $600.

yep still available

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