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I am thinking of getting a foil to tow behind the boat in the sound. Anyone know if any of the Long Island shops either carry them or have a line to someone who makes them?  Or if any of the local shapers have dabbled?


Anyone have a good solution to stop shortboards from sliding around a pickup bed? Iíve been keeping an old travel bag back there and sliding it in there but thought one of you may have a creative solution.


After trying unsuccessfully to sell a few boards to open up some rack space I have decided its probably best to give at least 1 board away to a young surfer who maybe can't afford one.   

The problem is I don't know any young stoked kids.  If anyone knows of any deserving grommets (friend, niece, nephew) let me know and I can arrange to get the board to them.  I live in Port Wash.

It's a 6'4 custom short board shaped by a rincon local who makes quality craft.  The board is still in good shape.

I was hoping to grab some popcorn and watch the comments on the rolling stone article re: rockaway.  You guys are going soft.

Anyone know a good resource for international (Central America) tide charts that go 2-3 months out?  Everywhere I look will only give the next few weeks and am looking to book a trip for end of Feb or March.  Appreciate the help.

Anyone know of a boat for hire in northern Costa.  I will be staying 30miles north of Playa Grande and will be with my family so looking for 1 or 2 half day tips in the morning, just me on the boat.  Not looking to use the boat as accommodations just transport to spots.  If anyone knows someone who owns or has access to a boat and wants to make a few bucks please put me in touch.   I am familiar with most of the spots around Grande but this might be a good way to get familiar with some much less frequented areas in Guanacaste. 

Looking for a skateboard for my 6 year old for xmas.  He has ridden my regular freestyle board but it is very difficult for him.  Is there a board type that is good for young kids that will bring them up the curve and get them comfortable?  Any help will be appreciated.

Pretty cool wind resource - - Its a website and also an app for ios and droid. 


I am sure lots of guys on this forum have been crossed this river, seems like a big LI contingent heads to Grande..  Never saw one there but that rivermouth and mangrove look so ripe for Crocs..

Anyone know what time it turned on?  I skipped out of work early and was checking spots in Nassau from 515pm to 540ish.  It was blown out crap but the tide was so drained.  I am guessing it turned on after 6ish?  Anybody score it?  What time?

Pretty pissed to see pictures this morning of decent waves and I was there ready to go.

Anyone have opinions on backzip vs frontzip?  I am thinking about buying a Patagucci R2 but they only have the backzip left in my size.  I haven't worn a backzip since mid 90's and didn't know that they were a rational option with the advancements in frontzips. 

I could just have my head in the sand so any advice would be helpful.  Are backzips for kite and boogie borders?

Originally posted this for $400 as it was used once. Lowering the price.. Make me a crazy low-ball offer, I can't see myself turning it down. Pickup in Nassau County - quad futures included.

I saw on Instagram that these guys were going to break ground in the next few months and will use the same technology as wave dome.  They have been posting on IG daily. I think they said posted that they were planning to open 2018-19. I wonder if they raised the money. 

Does anyone know any local LI shops that will sell a few boards on consignment?  I am desperate to get rid of two boards to free up some rack space for 2 new sticks on order.  I am willing to part with the boards at virtually any price so I figure a shop could probably get rid of them.  Also happy to give the shop a cut of the sale. 

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