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Hate to cry about this but the sandbars have been getting worse in many of the places that were pumped last year.  Hasn't been much swell so I'm not sure what will happen when proper waves come through but used to be at least fun on 2-3ft swell.

Now it kind of breaks on the beach even at low tide. Looks like it gets worse as the swell period gets longer. Hoping sand keeps moving and changes things for the better.

I am thinking of getting a foil to tow behind the boat in the sound. Anyone know if any of the Long Island shops either carry them or have a line to someone who makes them?  Or if any of the local shapers have dabbled?


Anyone have a good solution to stop shortboards from sliding around a pickup bed? Iíve been keeping an old travel bag back there and sliding it in there but thought one of you may have a creative solution.

Just one opinion:

I recently got my first backzip since the 90's. It doesn't flush much. I still prefer to get in and out of the front zip. Almost feels throwback to reach around and grab the cord to zipper. I often wear my xcel over the gucci. 

Great read. Devoured it when it was released. I've been re-reading specific chapters on planes en route to surf trips. The chapters on Maui and Maderia are amazing.

I think people underestimate how much work good teachers put in.  My dad was a teacher and he worked many nights and every summer.  He did have a family to support and also was was super dedicated to the profession and moving up the foodchain.  So that may have explained it.

Just like any job, if you want to make more money and have your pick of teaching the best schools you have to put in the extra time/effort/hours. I always tried to make sure I can get some (preferably most) of most local swells.  That has me working crazy hours to make up for mornings and afternoons in the water. It also means I spend 90% of my leisure time surfing so I don't go out with the boys much.  Its family, surf and work and not much time for anything else. 

That being said I do see some single teachers living the life.   

Don't travel with the Trace, it looks very suspicious in those airport scanners.


I have the Thule on my Jeep Cher.  I've used it for all kinds of boards and kayaks and its exactly what I need.  Little pricey but i've had it for the life of two cars (7 years).

Know there's a lot of threads on here about roof racks (and i just went through all of 'em i think), but does anyone have experience on any of these universal mounts on the link below? Specifcally the cheaper ones like the Rhino Rack systems? This cherokee comes with nothing on the roof so starting from scratch:

This year also had Gert and that other non named swell the week after Dirt Mc'Gert.

12s is a good interval for the Nassau breaks. Not too many closeouts.

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« on: September 05, 2017, 12:38:52 PM »
Pretty crazy how regulated and expensive most of our beaches are.  Only a few left where they leave you alone.  Got dinged for riding a skateboard on the LB Boardwalk on Sat.  I was with my kids. 

Also got a trespassing ticket early this summer for being in one of the Nassau beach parking lots before it opened.  The clowny public safety guy told me he could call the real cops and have me in cuffs if he wanted to.  Cost me a day in Hempstead court, the judge laughed at the prosecutor for taking it serious.

Jeez.  Lotta potential. 


Today in Nassau was as fun as 2ft can get.

The funny thing most people don't acknowledge is that surfing operates like a bad high school tv drama all the time. Cool kids on the in crowd with secret spots, nice boards that they covet. And then newcomers are judged, or hassled for having different materials. Not for nothing either the good ol boys a lot of times don't wanna let people into the in crowd or share the secrets, so lots of new shapers are hamstrung by workshop space, lack of good advisers, or being told they have not paid there dues. Obviously the industry would move over seas, way and we should all be willing and supporting local shops, builders etc. But a lot of these business's both east and west coast really should look at themselves and see what type of culture they are promoting.

I think its about how good you surf.  If you are a good surfer you are part of the in crowd and people will want to surf with you.  Good surfers spend alot of time surfing so eventually find the good  and "secret" spots to surf and share with others. Typically, good sharpers have been surfing their whole lives and are also good surfers.  People who are new to surfing and shaping are prob not going to be very good so people don't want to surf with them or ride their boards.  I don't think its about in-crowds or politics, its about performance. 

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