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Happy Birthday!!!

Beach 68th St at around 4:30? If so, I heard via Facebook that it was a false alarm. The two missing swimmers had wandered off to get pizza.

The skate park was fully funded...then sandy came and they said it was still fully funded....and now they are saying  it is not.

Here's a letter from the parks department that was posted on the new new rock skate park facebook page ( in april:

"Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Rockaway Skate Park.[/size][/color]
Currently, there is no funding to replace the skate park. However, Parks suggests reaching out to the local officials and community board for funding to rep
lace the skate park. There are several other skate parks in the borough of Queens. Please visit our website @

NYC Parks also knows how vital our City's beaches are to New Yorkers, and how important it is to open them for the public to enjoy. We are working with federal, state and local partners - including nearly 8,000 volunteers citywide so far - to restore our parks, beaches, recreation facilities and public spaces as quickly as possible. We want to share our restoration and recovery efforts with you and will be posting regular updates at


Susan Friedman-Diaz
NYC Parks
Director of Permits & Special Events, Queens"[/size][/font]

Not sure when it was last updated, but here's a list of organizations that the robin hood foundation has provided grants to for hurricane sandy relief:

The Recovery Room / Re: Creepy Convergence....
« on: December 18, 2012, 09:12:33 PM »

I read through this a couple years ago...and at times, I thought the guy was a bit over the top, but the Hurricane Katrina analysis is fascinating and educational. I wish I could say it inspired me to actually put together a emergency kit prior to Sandy...however I think it made me more aware of what I might need and encounter in such a situation.

Nate and Elie's party has moved to my place.  Nate just called Fred to check in.  Allegedly, if one can believe Fred stories, he has an, uh, i dont recommend trying to loot bungalow 8million.

Just don't lose your motivation to put together a show on the deck...

Congratulations :-)

Thank you!!
 If anyone has a ticket for Sunday but would rather go to the Friday screening, let me know - I now have one ticket to both screenings, but would like to bring a friend with me on Sunday. (Swell Killer - you can have first dibs on it if I can't find a trade)

Two words - rum raisin ice cream.

So, do I eat the ice cream, or do I just sort of rub it around down there to ease the pain?

Actually, it was meant to be the reason I should receive a ticket....but eating some might ease your pain.

Two words - rum raisin ice cream.

Marioville! Sports, Politics, Humor and more... / Re: Summer Concerts
« on: June 07, 2010, 11:35:54 PM »
Wavves are playing at the Knitting Factory on 6/24.

sigh...i wish our bungalow had 2 bathrooms

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