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Timing was such that it may have not been intentional, when you are focused on a ramp like that you tend to not see whats around the otherside.

doesnt look like a mistake. def looks timed, like he knew he going to get snaked, just thought "fk this guy...." & just unleashed on em. watch closely - hes trying to make sure the fins got em. who knows. thinkin that guy learned the lesson either way - hope for his sake anyway

"2serene" is what i used to write when i was wring graf. & beyond that its a place i would love to arrive at some point in my life. gotta say, very interesting thread here - lots of insight on all of us individually if not anything else

Awesome site, awesome photos. Great use of Flash - the cursor change in the portfolio section is really smart!

this is a great example of what a flash site should be - clean, fast & most importantly original. very impressive man.

so weird seeing jack black & seth green in this lol

Very sick, indeed.

Started skating in the 80's, so I missed out on the slalom courses and snake runs of the 70's. Got the opportunity to ride the sorely neglected Magic Skatepark in PA once. So much fun riding the windy snake they had. This is a whole 'nother level. With the housing crisis as it is, I can see a backyard-pool renaissance beginning. 'Cept now, you'll have million-dollar water parks like this going under.

not so impossible to think -  its disabled, but put in rob & big waterpark into youtubes search. just another crazy one

sets the bar for me anyway as far as a fun spot - total heaven

steve - hope it was a good one! - take care

exquisite boards you have there will. not sure which i like more. did mike shape both? are these epoxy at all??

its gotta be soo much fun to ride, the underworld track was a nice touch too

at the very least, i wish a group whether us or people from surfrider could oversee/help to make sure these things get proper placement (maybe filled in with rocks or other material to insure their longevity) & put where it would truely "work" as an artificial reef. not just dropping em wherever in the sea

do wetsuits and gloves and such constitute equipment?
   wetsuits do not. just got a 3/2 at a fkn steal!!!  thanks so much jerseyjen!  wish i had more $ to spend

price of lift tickets 6 years ago was the dealbreaker- dont want to know what they are now for a full day. figured im goin to be cold as hell either way so i went with a 5/3 hooded suit. never looked back

^i wouldnt doubt that!    ive seen these kinds of waves before, certainly smaller, but that same double-barreling. what factors create waves like this? is more to do with the ocean bottom (reef,rock) or more to do with the swell itself?

i keep thinking the terror that would be going through my mind trying to duckdive this one

You don't seriously think he paddled into that, do you? 

obv not, just scary to have something that big building & comin your way

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