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i dont get how i read one person say that it is small and weak and not fun at all, but then another person says that they've had a blast.  how could there be such a drastic difference in different places?

my guess is the difference of wind direction. im sure somewhere like sqaan is different enough from spots out east. def seen that before, where it was well-sculpted, overhead in lb & choppy, inconsistent in bmar

lol, thats what i thought. im 32 & started in 2000 & in that time, never seen or knew of the likes of whats goin on now - its why i asked the question at the risk of sounding somewhat new to understanding it. 05 is the only frame of reference i have anyway, even that.. not even close to what THIS data is showing

i'll follow any developing storm like the next person, but this just seems surreal. thinkin the best case scenario/set of conditions ive ever seen for an extended period of time. a question to those that have been following models for as long as the info & technology was there, when was the last time this happened? had to be over 7 years ago right?  -curious as hell about that

beat me to the post SC, at the risk of hyping... what the hell is going on???? i saw this & to think it develops.... you know what, i dont want to think about it.. its too looking too perfect to accept!

i might take sept off as well in a sense lol. what a way to start the season

nevermind the dupe, had a glitch & could not delete it. - dorado, kinda what i figured, looks minimal in terms of actual swell from a storm

what a dead on analogy! i personally cannot make any sense of it though.. what does this mean?

what a dead on analogy! i personally cannot make any sense of it though.. what does this mean?

read up on both, but i think im completely sold on the shark. to me, its perfect in every way & a standard 5 fin setup??! damn.. want one now

cant go wrong with this. endless summer 1 & this are the best ive seen

zen and zero award winner surffilm trailer beach

heard this sun night on 1010 wins & thought...1500?? maybe if you included swimmers & anyone actually in the water

good god.... under mondays shots on that page, that pic thats on the far right top of the sequence is out of this world. could spend an entire day just staring at that its so good. very good job - all are great pics of a great day

damn. another one.. (hopefully). well, we were overdue for some gems.

for gods sake get away from that jetty and TRAVEL with your camera. noone with the talent you're asking for is surfing there right now.

i feel thats dead on correct. those surfers are more geared towards dealing with a random swell - conditions they are def not used to throughout the year. so they will do their best, take their time & just ride. gotta remember this weekend isnt the norm & maybe if it was you would see from cape may on up, solid serious competitive styles of surfing. just saying its hard to develop when the conditions  are usually sub par overall for the year.
theres a reason why the embarcadero skaters in the early 90s got so good & sponsered in a short period of time. amazing spot & the bar for what was deemed "good" was set insanely high. we dont have that mentality in place here in ny/nj for surfing so it to anyone outside the area wont exactly be blown away. it is what is - a great thing, but cant be compared or judged in any sense. we have fun, some suck & some are truely great. but either way, not giving a fk all the while.. my 2cents/take on it anyway.

the anticipation is brewing big time. & im NOT surfing bc i know i will prob get random freak day in lb a few years ago w/ some overheads showed me how quickly one can end up in a very serious - life threatening  situation. im shooting photos & hoping not only to get good shots but see something that will be talked about for some time to come.. & it looks likely.

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