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I commend you folks for taking the time to try to work things out with the Parks Dept. There has been a history of harassment by the employees of the Parks Dept. against surfers, and in general, pleasant, beach going people out for a day of relaxation in the sun. It seems the people who cause the problems somehow don't seem to be harassed or ticketed but the good folks seem to be continually harassed. Is this a cultural/racial issue between who is doing the ticketing and who is getting ticketed? Are the Parks Dept. employees afraid of the "bad" people who litter, swear, play loud music, etc.? I'm not implying that's the situation, I'm just wondering if anyone else has gathered that conclusion from the Parkies behavior. Are they afraid of getting "shot up" by a certain type of person versus a surfer type or a beach goer with children and feel safer meeting quotas by exerting their "authority" on a more pleasant, cooperative victim?

If you talk to people who have grown up in Rockaway, they will tell you stories about the Parks people doing what they do for years and years. The Parkies come on strong at the beginning of summer to assert their authority, after a few weeks of abuse they start to disappear, when it gets really hot you won't find them, at least that's the typical pattern.

Since the NYS Health Code was changed (the supposed answer to all the problems), why not use it to your advantage when speaking to the Parks Dept. reps? You got your surf beach, bathers have their beaches, it's against the code to have bathers mixing with surfers. It really should just be an issue of who is responsible to patrol the surf beach to keep bathers out. The real goal is to keep bathers out of the surf beach. How can this be done on a crowded city beach on a hot summer day? That's a question left to the departments to argue over, some decade they'll figure it out. Why not have the lifeguards patrolling the adjoining beaches keep bathers in the bathing area, and have a parks employee sit on the steps to the surfing area telling people to walk to the bathing area if they want to swim? In a perfect world...

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / VHS Tapes
« on: May 01, 2007, 08:12:23 PM »
Psychedelic Desert Groove
Clean Slate
Kelly Slater In Kolor
Kelly Slater In Black and White
Trick Tips
Adrenaline Surf Series
Billabong Surf Academy Surfing From A to Z
Hawaiian Surf Stories
Blue Crush
Triple C
FCS Video Guide
Endless Summer II
Three Fins Firing
Water Works
All For One
Surfers Journal
All Aboard
Bunyip Dreaming
The Moment
ASP Tour 1998
No Destination
Quiksilver Country
NRG 2000
It's A Grom's Life
The Green Room

All these VHS tapes are in Boarders, all in working order, if anyone's interested.

1. Stay far way from them

2. The current usually runs uptown so if you get near the downtown side of the jetty the sweep is bringing you into the jetty. Paddle or take a wave in to the beach.

3. Know how to remove your leash, and fast if you have to.

4. Stay in bed where it's warm and safe, dream about how you can avoid the jetty's.

Buy and Sell: The Surfboard Exchange on / Wetsuits
« on: October 15, 2006, 12:27:01 PM »
Realm top:

Lycra sleeves, 1mm front and back, size S.

Women's O'Neill Heat 3/2:

Good condition, 3/2 Heat fully taped, warm suit, size 10 T.

Women's O'Neill Heat 4/3:

Like new condition, 4/3 fully taped, size 10 T, worn only 4 times, it's too short for me.

6'1" x 18 1/4 x 2 1/4 Sharpeye SBX


Creatures of Leisure tailpad

the usual pressure dents on top, no dings

fast board, liked this board on late takeoffs, i downsized to a smaller board so this one has to go.

Ezera Shortboard Model MBM (Micah Byrne Model) made for team rider Taylor.

5'11 x 18 1/4 x 2 1/4

single to double concave bottom

nice amount of foam under the chest, really responsive, comes back down the wave on off the lips, fast in the pocket

glass on SOAR fins (OC3 - base: 4 11/16" 118mm; height: 4 3/4" 119mm; the OC3 has a large base ensuring excellent speed and drive, with less tip volume for a remarkably quick release. this template balances power and pivotability in the pocket. the OC3's fiberglass composite design helps create a high-performance lightweight fin that will add speed and energy to your surfing)

light blank and team glass job for high performance surfing

price is $350 firm

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