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Deeply, deeply sorry to hear -- when Kazu called this morning, I hoped it might just be a rumor unfounded.

Tim was one of my very first good Rockaway surf pals, a big, singular, unforgettable personality. Truly.

This is a sad shock and painful loss -- for many.

And it makes me think of Patrick Elasik too.


How was Jerz yesterday? Anyone score?

Have to count my Thanksgiving blessings this year: Friday, Cape Cod was head-high and offshore perfection all day (minus the high tide), replete with cloudless blue skies and 60 degree air temps. Saturday stayed offshore with the same weather and the swell down to knee-chest but still peeling like a dream.

Seals in the lineup. Even a whale was spotted (though not by me). And just a handful of surfers.

Lottery winning luck.

Doesn't look like the wind is going to back off tomorrow as much as one would hope for...

Too much south? I was hearing southwest...

The offshores. Tomorrow. Jerz.
Can't decide if it's going to be worth the trek.

Beyond all the wishes for a speedy recovery, let me add a note of admiration and, frankly, awe:

A very rare few are those who can face such adversity--basically go over the proverbial falls--with the undaunted depth of positive spirit, courage, and old-fashioned punk-rock can-do/bring-it-on moxie you possess and have routinely demonstrated in spades.

You've got that PMA, as HR would put it.

In a million years, I could never muster even a tenth of what you summoned in committing to that drop, and making that section.

And if you don't recognize how profoundly heavy and soulful an accomplishment that is, my friend, you should.

More than that, of course, it's also exactly why you will have a speedy recovery.


Yeah. Maybe not worth it.

...looks like the call.

Anyone need help paying tolls?

Thanks, fellas. Appreciate it.

Yeah, Money4, my pal who I'll be surfing with is telling me to not bring a board and just rent.

But I sort of feel like, psychologically, I'd rather have my own boards. And I am concerned about it getting too big. I'll bring my 6'6". If the waves demand a bigger board, that may be when I search for a smaller break.

Any tips on that side of the equation are also welcomed. I have another close friend who used to live there for many years, but he left in the mid-80s so all his info is dated.

He tells great stories about how Elizabeth Taylor's hippie brother basically set up a camp there in the 1960s, which led a lot of the LA folk rock scene to start buying property...

Well, I can't afford it but might go away. Friends will have a house.

All the airline options I'm seeing require using at least two different carriers each way.

Does that double the board bag fees?

I was going to say, "Where there's a Will there's a way...", then accepted the futility of the impulse.
Evidently, some folks had fun locally--but I looked at it around dawn for about twenty minutes before turning around and splitting. If you had a log, sure.
But otherwise, infrequent waist-high drop to closeout just didn't seem worth it.

Forecast Outlook:


4-5' ENE windswell. Cape Cod is a notch larger.

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